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2 Vital Tips to Stay Safe at an Intersection


Many lives cross paths at roadway intersections. There is something to be said about the sheer number of motorists that cross any particular intersection in an urban environment in a single day. The large volume of cars that travel through intersections almost guarantees the chance of car accidents. With so many motorists attempting to arrive at different locations and the need to have accurately working traffic lights, car accidents are more likely to happen at an intersection than on a straight stretch of highway. In order to secure better chances of not getting into an accident, follow these two simple tips.

1. Slow Down at Yellow Lights
For some reason, our driving culture has engrained in motorists all over the state that a yellow light is a signal to speed up, not slow down; this could not be further from the truth. Yellow lights are in fact meant to signal the need to slow down. When motorists speed through yellow lights, which can quickly turn red, the risk of getting into an accident is greater due to haste and inattention to the surrounding environment; the goal is to get through the light, not look for lingering cars or persons in the streets.

2. Turn Left When No Oncoming Traffic is Confirmed
Turning left is one of the most dangerous actions performed in an intersection. Oftentimes the cars turning in the oncoming lane block from view the oncoming traffic, leaving the motorist turning left open to take their chances. It is better to not take your chances when turning left– take the time to ensure that the road is clear.

Another danger inherent in turning left is the inattention to where the motorist is turning; because their attention is often more focused on the oncoming traffic, they fail to notice pedestrians in the crosswalk right where they intend to turn. This type of “fail” can have serious consequences. When matched up against a car, a pedestrian will more than likely be seriously injured, at least.

Legal Consequences to Improper Intersection Interactions
The two scenarios above illustrate two ways to get a law suit filed against you and your insurance company. If an accident is caused because of inattention, haste, or bad driving practices, a civil law suit may be filed against the at-fault party. Utah intersection accidents, and those around the country, are sure to be stopped by heeding the advice above. If you have been injured in an intersection accident, call a personal injury attorney right away. Get the compensation you deserve.

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