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Big Rig In Highway 101Accident Injures Four


Kenneth Wade, a 29-year-old Petaluma man and Windsor resident Nastasha Vandenheuvel, 34, were seriously injured in a recent four-vehicle auto crash near Petaluma, according to a news report in The Press Democrat.

The car accident happened near Novato Narrows north of the Marin County line and on the northbound lanes of Route 101 between Kastania and San Antonio roads. The pile-up started as a Honda Accord driven by Helen Kyung Sook Daniels, 68, of Petaluma had swerved towards the road median to avoid stopped traffic. Daniels then hit a Chevrolet minivan driven by Cindy Green, of American Canyon. Both cars crashed into a big rig causing it to over-turn and hit a Volvo wagon. The chain reaction collision inflicted minor injuries to Daniels and Christian Vandenheuvel, 33, the driver of the Volvo while his wife Nastasha and Wade, the driver of the tractor-trailer, remain hospitalized. Green was uninjured in the collision.

My deepest sympathies are with the injured and their families and I wish them a fast and full recovery. Chain reaction car crashes by nature have the potential to cause extensive damage and happen typically due to a combination of factors. While no charges have been filed in this collision yet, it appears Daniels will have to be held responsible for her actions. In evaluating the cause of this multiple vehicle crash, I’d start by looking into the reason why Daniels had to swerve to avoid the slow traffic. Inattentiveness, distraction from doing other tasks while driving, driving too fast, and not obeying traffic laws have all been the reason behind some recent chain reaction accidents. Road and weather conditions are usually the other factors to blame, although they do not appear to be a factor in this instance. It is also possible that a thorough investigation will reveal other drivers, in addition to Daniels, were partially responsible.

It’ll be in the best interest of the injured and their families to have an experienced attorney on their side – especially one with a successful track record in multiple auto crash cases who will conduct a complete investigation to determine who can be held responsible and what compensation may be available.

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