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Riverside Big Rig Collision Severely Injures One


A big rig was involved in a fiery collision with a stalled dump truck on the eastbound Riverside (91) Freeway Sept. 2, leaving one of the drivers with second-degree burns, according to a KNBC news report. The truck accident occurred at the Buchanan Street overcrossing, California Highway Patrol officials said.

Officials said that the dump truck became disabled in the number three lane of the freeway when its left front wheel detached. The female driver of the dump truck had managed to move the truck partially onto the freeway shoulder and was getting ready to put up the triangular hazard reflectors when a Pep Boys tractor-trailer collided with the dump truck. The right travel tank on the big rig ruptured and burst into flames causing severe burn injuries to its driver. The dump truck driver was knocked to the ground because of the impact of the crash and may have broken her right arm, CHP officials said. Both drivers were transported to an area hospital.

According to the news report, it is unknown at this point as to why the driver of the Pep Boys truck hit the stalled dump truck. It seems obvious that both drivers were on the job at the time of the crash. Both were reportedly injured while at work, so they will be entitled to worker’s compensation from their respective employers.

Worker’s compensation benefits in the state of California however, are abysmal. The driver of the dump truck, who seems to have suffered the worst injuries, would be well advised to contact an experienced Southern California big rig accident attorney, who can help determine the facts in this incident and who should be held responsible for the accident. If the driver of the Pep Boys truck is determined to be at fault, both the big rig driver and his employer will be held financially responsible for the accident and resulting injuries.

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