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Ford Explorer Rollover Crash Caused by Defective Tire Kills Woman


Miriam Poland, an 86-year-old Texas woman, was killed in a Ford Explorer rollover crash on December 20, 2008 after the vehicle’s tire tread separated and the driver lost control of the vehicle. According to a KBTX news report, the crash occurred on Highway 30 East in Bryan, Texas, when a tread from a rear tire separated. The tire tread separation caused 49-year-old Charles Poland to lose control of the 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trax he was driving.

According to Texas State Troopers, Poland and his 12-year-old daughter, who were both buckled up, suffered injuries. Miriam Poland, who was not wearing her seatbelt, was ejected from the SUV and suffered fatal injuries.

My heart goes out to the family of Miriam Poland, who died in this horrific Ford Explorer rollover crash. I wish Charles Poland and his young daughter the very best for a quick and complete recovery from their injuries. I’m relieved that they did not suffer catastrophic injuries in this accident.

The Ford Explorer Sport is one of the most unstable and rollover prone SUVs on our highways. I’ve found that these vehicles tend to roll over even at lower speeds. Independent studies have repeatedly shown that the roof strength of this sport utility vehicle is one of the worst. It collapses on front seat occupants during rollover crashes.

This Texas Ford Explorer rollover crash was set off by a defective tire. The tread of the tire separated and the driver, Charles Poland, had no chance. When tire treads separate and the tire blows out, even seasoned drivers find it almost impossible to stay in control of their vehicles.

The Poland family would be well advised to contact a nationally renowned product defect attorney, who specializes in SUV accident and tire tread separation cases. Auto product defect cases are often complex and require an attorney who has a great deal of skill and experience in dealing exactly with these types of SUV rollover crashes. Should the Poland family decide to pursue an automobile product defect case against Ford, they must have this 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trax preserved in its crashed condition until it has been carefully examined by experts.

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