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Redlands Auto Accident Injures Two


Two people were injured in a Redlands car accident the morning of March 4, 2009, The Riverside Press-Enterprise reports. The two-car collision apparently sent both drivers to the hospital with injuries. The accident occurred when a 20-year-old Highland man lost control of his Ford Escort while negotiating a curve on San Timoteo Canyon Road, Redlands police officials said.

The driver of the Escort took the corner too fast and the brakes of his Escort locked causing him to slide into the opposing lane of traffic and hit a Kia Sorrento driven by a 23-year-old Grand Terrace woman. The man suffered a broken arm and the woman was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. She was also getting a precautionary check up at the hospital because she was pregnant.

I’m relieved that this two-car collision did not result in catastrophic or fatal injuries for either driver. I wish them both the very best for a quick and complete recovery.

According to California Highway Patrol’s 2006 statistics, there were five fatalities and 624 deaths involving auto accidents in Redlands. In San Bernardino County as a whole, 351 traffic accident deaths and 10,842 injuries were reported for the year 2006.

If this newspaper report is accurate, it appears that the fault lies with the driver of the Ford Escort, who officials say, took the curve at a high rate of speed. This is something that happens quite commonly especially with inexperienced drivers. The driver of the Escort in this case could be held liable for any injuries suffered by the woman. In such auto accident cases, victims may be compensated for medical expenses, property damage, loss of wages because of injuries or medical condition and other damages.

Victims of such auto accidents will be well-served to contact a reputed California motor vehicle accident lawyer, who will help them determine the facts of the case and hold the negligent parties accountable for their actions. A skilled personal injury lawyer will also look into whether a dangerous or defective roadway design contributed to the accident. If that is the case, then the governmental agency responsible for maintaining that roadway could be held liable. In California, any claim against a governmental agency must be filed within six months of the accident.

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