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Mother and Son Killed in San Bernardino Car Accident


Merced Molina, 52, and her 19-year-old son, Javier Molina, were killed in a San Bernardino car accident on the 15 Freeway the morning of February 6, 2010. According to a news report in the Victorville Daily Press, Merced Molina was driving a 1999 Mercury Villager south on the 15 Freeway, near Highway 138, with her husband and son, when they hit the rear of a tow truck. The truck was stopped on the freeway to assist a disabled car. Merced Molina was pronounced dead at the scene and her son, Javier, died later at a local hospital. It is not clear whether Merced’s husband sustained any injuries.

My heart goes out to the Molina family for the devastating loss they have suffered. To lose two beloved family members so suddenly is extremely tragic. This family will certainly be in my thoughts and prayers.

San Bernardino Car Accidents

According to California Highway Patrol’s traffic accident statistics, there were 126 fatalities and 2,255 injuries as a result of car accidents in the unincorporated areas of San Bernardino County in 2007. In San Bernardino County as a whole, 308 fatalities and 9,920 injuries were reported involving car accidents, during the same year.

Car Accident Causes and Liability Issues

Based on this newspaper report, it is not exactly clear why Molina failed to notice the stopped tow truck in time. Did the tow truck have its flashing lights on? Was there a vehicle defect or a mechanical failure in the Villager that prevented her from stopping and avoiding the collision? Where was the tow truck parked at the time of the accident? Was there a dangerous condition on the roadway that prevented Molina from seeing the tow truck?

In cases where there are serious injuries or fatalities, it would be in the best interests of victims’ families to consult an experienced San Bernardino car accident lawyer, who will analyze all facts of the accident and determine whether there was any negligence or wrongdoing involved. If the tow truck driver was at fault, then the towing company could be held liable in this case. If an auto product defect is involved, the vehicle must be preserved in its current crashed condition, in tact, so it can be examined carefully by an expert for vehicle defects, malfunctions and other evidence. The best personal injury law firms will always offer a free consultation and comprehensive claim evaluation to injured victims and their families.

The Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys is not representing any of the parties mentioned in this article at the time the article was posted. Our information source is cited in the article. If you were involved in this incident or a similar incident and have questions as to your rights and options, call us or another reputable law firm. Do not act solely upon the information provided herein. Get a consultation. The best law firms will provide a free consultation. We provide a free, confidential consultation to not at fault persons named in this article. The free consultation offer extends to family members as well.

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