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Truck Accidents in California are becoming an Epidemic


Trucks can weigh ten times or more than passenger vehicles which are already considered to be a weapon on wheels in the wrong hands. Due to negligent practices by the trucking industry including hiring overworked and exhausted employees to carelessly letting them drive trucks with faulty or sub par parts have caused statistics like these to arise in our state.

Although only 3% of vehicles are trucks, they account for over 12% of all auto accidents. Every 16 minutes, a truck accident occurs in the U.S. The victims in the passenger vehicle are 50 times more likely to die from injuries than the truck driver due to its sheer mass.

These appalling truck accident statistics are rapidly becoming worse. It is our duty as citizens of California to protect both truck employees and the millions of families on the roads each day who are open to injury or worse by avoidable truck accidents. Did you know that truck drivers sometimes work over 12 hour days and often use drugs like methamphetamines to stay awake. This can cause the loss of control of their truck or hallucinations. Even a sober driver who is sleep deprived, studies show, can be more dangerous on the road than if they were drinking and had sufficient sleep.

The Orange County truck accident lawyers at Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys are passionate about improving truck safety laws and improving the trucking industry’s employment and safety regulations. Our experience of over 30 years range from a 3.4 million dollar victory to a victim in a defective truck case, to a 200,000 dollar settlement who was fatally injured by an illegally parked semi-truck. If you would like a free consultation to answer your questions and give you your options, please call us now at 1-800-561-4887. We are on your side.

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