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Los Angeles Truck Accident Revisited


The angry officials and residents of Los Angeles still remember to this day the horrific accident that occurred just two years ago in April of 2009. The catastrophe where a big rig truck smashed through La Canada Flintridge intersection and into a bookstore has caused much awareness to increase about the dangers of trucks and the need to increase safety standards dramatically in what is becoming a truck accident epidemic in Los Angeles.

The double-decker truck was turning along the Angeles Forest Highway and chose a rush-hour shortcut to travel between Antelope Valley and Los Angeles Basin. Oftentimes truck drivers are rushed to unrealistic expectations due to profit-first trucking companies that do not care about safety more than saving money. The driver of the truck passed a sign barring trucks of his weight to pass through. The range has peaks of 8,000 feat and is quite dangerous to traverse with such a large truck.

When he reached the site of the soon-to-be accident around dusk, his brakes were failing and struck a car as he sped over the 210 freeway. The car was dragged into a busy business square and the truck plowed into five additional vehicles. 12 people were injured, several went to the hospital, but sadly this was not all. A father and her 12-year-old daughter were fatally injured and died at the scene.

In the midst of criticism and finger-pointing, angry officials call for an immediate ban on large trucks using the mountain route. But more needs to be done, some residents now say. After the rise in truck accidents in recent years, traffic enforcement of truck safety regulations is crucial. It seems with the rushed schedules of truck drivers, collisions are steadily increasing and pressure on the trucking industry is necessary in order to tell them that we will not support trucks and truck companies that put profit over people. If you or someone you love has been in a truck accident in California, contact a Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyer today.

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