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Truck Accidents in Santa Ana Rise at Alarming Rate


Santa Ana, California is considered the urban center of Orange County. With high truck traffic throughout the city and on the I-5 freeway, Santa Ana has sadly become a devastating statistic in the area of truck-related fatalities. In 2009 alone, 11 fatalities were reported in the city of Santa Ana. Although down from 15 fatalities in 2008, these numbers are still significantly above the California average.

The rate of truck accidents in Santa Ana have increased exponentially in the past two decades. With over 250 billion reported in profits last year, the trucking industry seems to have put profits over people and countless studies reflect this. A recent survey indicated that over 25% of truckers reported to have fallen asleep on the road, in the past month alone. The enormous mass of a commercial truck can wreak havoc, and the statistics prove it: 76% of all fatalities involving big rigs and semi trucks occur to people that are not in the trucks, such as passenger vehicle drivers and innocent pedestrians.

The trucking industry is also known for rushing truck drivers with unrealistic deadlines and overburdening them with loads that are illegally heavy to save on the number of drivers that they must pay. Truckers have resorted to losing sleep or becoming addicted to methamphetamine to unnaturally stay awake, with horrifying consequences. The trucking industry must be held accountable for these preventable California truck accidents.

You have the power to improve truck safety regulations and enforcement policies and preventing future Santa Ana truck accidents. If you or someone your know have been injured or killed in a truck accident, contact the Santa Ana truck accident lawyers today. You can receive the compensation and justice that you deserve. We are here to help.

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