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Bicycles on Sidewalks Law


To mitigate bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents, California is instituting new bicycle law that will remove bicycles from our sidewalks. Too many accidents happen every day, and taking bikes off the sidewalks should remove some of those. Pedestrian vs. bicycle accidents can be dangerous, and this updated law is long overdue.

We want to encourage Californians to walk and ride bikes, but when it’s so dangerous to do so, people still want to stay in the safety of their cars. Using special lanes for bikes will not only keep pedestrians safe, it should cut down on bicycle and auto accidents.

The specific areas where bicycles can be aren’t fully defined yet, but they’re still allowed to be on sidewalks at certain times when their pathway is blocked or it’s unsafe to be on the road. The code allows cyclists to use sidewalks as long as they don’t show “a willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property.”

It also asks, among other things, that the city’s Department of Transportation, the Los Angeles Police Department and the city attorney draft guidelines for when cyclists would be prohibited from using sidewalks.

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