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California Motorcycle Accident Lawyers


Motorcycle riding has become an enjoyable pastime for men and women of all ages. Many older people are discovering the joys of weekend “motoring” with friends, and young people also like motorcycles for their freedom and gas economy. Many people are considering purchasing motorcycles for use as a “second car” to travel to work because they use so little gas and can maneuver through traffic much more easily than a large car. It would seem that motorcycles have become an answer to transportation needs that should be honored in our environmentally-conscious society.

Unfortunately, the reality is that many car drivers do not see motorcycles as “real” vehicles and do not afford them the same courtesies they extend to others on the road. It is very common for motorcyclists to be cut off in traffic, to have cars pull out dangerously close to them from intersections, and to have cars crowd them on the highways. While these are all rude behaviors, the real problem is that they are extremely dangerous for the motorcycle operator. In an accident between a motorcycle and a car, the motorcyclist is almost sure to suffer the greater physical damage. Many motorcycle riders are seriously injured or even killed in accidents with cars, while the car driver suffers little to no injury.

California motorcycle accident lawyers represent motorcycle operators who have been injured by careless or aggressive drivers. When you are operating a motorcycle, you have the same rights on the road as any other vehicle operator. When your rights are violated by another driver and that violation results in an accident, you are entitled to damages for your physical injuries, the loss of your personal property, and your pain and suffering.

A California motorcycle accident lawyer is the person to see when you have been in a motorcycle accident. Not only will a California motorcycle accident attorney represent your interests, but insurance companies and defendants take your claims much more seriously when you are represented by counsel. Your settlement will usually be far more when you have an attorney than when you attempt to represent your own claim.

Before you settle a claim for a motorcycle accident with an insurance company or driver, be sure to talk to one of the many motorcycle accident attorneys who are ready to take your case. You will do yourself a favor by collecting the maximum amount possible in damages for yourself, your bike, and your medical bills. You may also be entitled to payment for time missed from work and other incidental expenses. No matter what the situation which resulted in your injuries, a California motorcycle accident lawyer can help you claim the damages to which you are entitled. Remember, you are not only collecting damages for yourself; you are also helping to make the road a safer place for other motorcycle operators by holding drivers accountable who do not obey the rules of the road and honor the rights of those who choose to use bikes instead of cars. Contact a California motorcycle accident lawyer today for help with your motorcycle accident claim.

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