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Choosing A Car Accident Lawyer in California


Car accidents are the most common reason for the filing of personal injury claims. In the United States, a person is involved in a car accident every half a second, and at least 38,000 of these accidents each year result in fatalities. Nearly half of all car accidents result in some type of physical or emotional injuries. Car accident lawyers in California work with the victims of car accidents to recover damages for physical injuries, loss of earning potential, and emotional trauma, as well as the other incidental expenses associated with the accident, such as damage to your vehicle and personal possessions.

Car accident injuries take many forms. Victims can suffer anything from slight bruises and cuts to traumatic brain injuries and even death. The severity of the injuries can determine the value of a personal injury case, but all injuries are the responsibility of the at-fault driver, no matter how minor they may appear.

Some injuries also appear very minor immediately after the accident, but soon develop into much more serious matters. An example of this is whiplash, a common injury experienced by those who have been in rear-end car accidents. Whiplash injury symptoms may not appear immediately, but some people do develop neck pain and stiffness up to a week after the accident occurs. This makes it imperative that a victim not sign any settlement papers or accept any money for an accident until after having a full medical examination. Any time you are the victim of a car accident, it is very important to have a medical checkup immediately after the accident and follow up as necessary to maintain your health.

Consulting with professionals such as California car accident attorneys can help you maintain valuable perspective about your car accident case. It is easy to dismiss the idea that your case may be worth pursuing, especially when an insurance company offers you a “fair” settlement to pay your medical bills and fix your vehicle. However, by accepting this offer, you may be closing the door on what should be a realistic settlement that will pay for all your future medical bills as well as compensate you for your pain and suffering. Having the help of a legal expert such as a California car accident lawyer will help you avoid settling too quickly and losing your right to compensation for the total sum of your damages.

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