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Anaheim Pedestrian Accident Kills Man


Douglas Sanchez-Mejia, 30, of Anaheim was killed in a Sept. 27 car versus pedestrian accident. According to an article in The Orange County Register, Sanchez-Mejia was walking north on Gilbert Street before turning east to cross Gilbert just south of Pacific Place. The news report says Sanchez-Mejia stepping into the path of a Ford Escort headed north on Gilbert Street in the No. 2 lane. The driver of the Escort was identified as a 48-year-old Anaheim man who the California Highway Patrol says did not have sufficient time to stop before hitting Sanchez-Mejia.

My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Douglas Sanchez-Mejia.

This account of the pedestrian accident makes no sense to me. Gilbert Street is two lanes in each direction, north and south. If the news report is accurate, then Sanchez-Mejia crossed about 45 feet of street before getting hit by the Ford Escort. The street is straight and there are not obstructions to block the Escort driver’s view of Sanchez-Mejia crossing the street. It would take Sanchez-Mejia about 11 seconds walking briskly to cross 45 feet. If the Escort is traveling at 35 miles per hour, the Escort was some 575 feet away from Sanchez-Mejia when he began to cross the street.

In that 11 seconds and 575 feet why didn’t the Escort driver see Sanchez-Mejia crossing the street? Why did Sanchez-Mejia continue crossing the street with a car coming towards him? Something isn’t right. Both the pedestrian and the Escort driver have to take some responsibility for this fatal accident, if the new report is correct.

If I were a member of Sanchez-Mejia’s family, I would want to know what really happened and who is at fault. The family needs to consult with an Orange County pedestrian accident attorney who has the skill and resources to determine what really caused this accident and who really is at fault.

If the Escort driver, as I suspect, has some degree of fault than Sanchez-Mejia’s family is due compensation for his wrongful death. A truly skilled California personal injury attorney will be able to recover whatever is fair and right under the circumstances for the family.

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