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Los Angeles County Auto Accident


Elderly Driver Causes Auto Accident

One person suffered injuries in this Woodland Hills auto accident after an 80-year-old motorist tore through the first floor of a three-story office building a little after noon on March 11, 2009. According to this news report in the Los Angeles Daily News, the elderly man mistakenly hit the gas instead of the brake. The man apparently drove his Buick into the office of Table Bay Financial Inc. at 21820 Burbank Blvd. just missing a receptionist who was knocked over when the sedan struck her desk. She was taken a local hospital for treatment.

The driver of the Buick and his elderly female passenger were uninjured. The Buick sedan apparently continued to barrel out of control through the offices of the firm’s CEO and CFO, who were thankfully not in the offices that day. None of the other 10 employees in the office at the time were injured. Los Angeles Police Department traffic investigators are evaluating the elderly driver’s ability to drive in light of the crash. Officials are still determining how the driver got from the street into the office building. He apparently missed striking a fire hydrant but ran over landscaping.

It’s indeed a miracle that no one was seriously injured or killed in this horrific car accident. I wish the injured victim the very best for a speedy and complete recovery.

The driver’s age certainly cannot be ignored in this incident. If I were representing the victim here, I would look into this man’s driving record, his physical condition/health and more importantly, whether he was fit enough to drive. I would want to know if in fact he was capable of driving safely.

Auto Accidents Continue Due To Senior Citizen Drivers

Hundreds of auto accidents in California are caused each year by senior citizens who continue to drive although they shouldn’t, all because they want to retain their mobility and independence. According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, drivers face an increased risk of being in an auto accident after the age of 65. After the age of 75, the risk of fatality in an auto accident substantially increases. Behavioral patterns such as poor judgment while making turns and drifting within the traffic lane contribute to these statistics. Seniors also seem to exhibit a decreased ability to change behavior in response to an unexpected or rapidly changing situation, the study points out.

This Woodland Hills auto accident and others that involve senior drivers remind us of the need for more stringent regulations. Seniors must be required to test often for renewing their driver’s license. Family members who are aware that their loved one is incapable of driving safely must do the right thing and take their car keys away from them before tragedy strikes.

Case details courtesy of the Los Angeles Daily News report’s Web site.

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