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Auto Accident Victim’s Family Receives $ 2 Million in Wrongful Death Lawsuit


A Santa Cruz company has agreed to pay $2 million in connection with a wrongful death lawsuit, which alleges that their employee caused a 2005 fatal auto accident. According to this news report, the family of the auto accident victim, 84-year-old German Rodriguez, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Ledyard Co.

The fatal auto crash occurred April 25, 2005 when Ledyard’s employee, Jeffrey Huff, cut into Rodriguez’s lane on San Felipe road, forcing Rodriguez into the path of an oncoming big rig. The impact of the crash, which decapitated Rodriguez, was witnessed by his daughter, Ada. Huff was on the job for Ledyard at the time of the accident.

In this case, attorneys for the company tried to argue that Rodriguez was too old to have been driving. They said he was the one who lost control of his car and drove into the big rig. However, at the very last minute before a jury trial, Ledyard Co. settled with the Rodriguez family for $2 million. This is said to be the largest private settlement in San Benito County in a wrongful death lawsuit.

I’ll bet Ledyard Co. decided to settle at the last minute because they knew that a jury would have given the Rodriguez family a lot more money. Ledyard officials apparently offered $500,000 initially to the Rodriguez family, which they turned down, as they should have. It’s a humiliating offer! I’ll bet Ledyard knew the jurors would have been horrified if they saw photos of the gruesome accident. The fact is Rodriguez’s death had immersed an entire community in grief.

This case is an example of why you need a skilled California auto accident attorney on your side, fighting for your rights and working to secure the maximum possible compensation for you. An experienced California personal injury lawyer will be able to pin down the responsible parties. The Rodriguez family deserves every penny of that settlement.

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