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Barstow ATV Crash Kills Orange County Man


A San Bernardino County all terrain vehicle crash near Barstow on October 11, 2008 has killed David Mohler of Santa Ana, The Orange County Register reports. Mohler, 38, died after his ATV collided with another vehicle in an area north of the Interstate 15 and close to Outlet Center Drive. Mohler was flown to an area hospital where he died hours after the accident. California Highway Patrol officials are currently investigating this 10/11/2008 accident.

My heart goes out to the family of David Mohler, who are probably grappling with a lot of questions. The details provided in this news report are sketchy. What kind of ATV was Mohler riding? Did he lose control because of a mechanical malfunction? What vehicle did he crash into? Was the other driver at fault? Was there a dangerous condition on the roadway that was a factor in this crash? Mohler’s family deserves answers. They have suffered a tragic, irreparable loss.

According to a recent study by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, ATV accidents were responsible for more than 500 deaths in 2006. ATV crashes also sent 146,600 people to hospital emergency rooms during that same period. California has the second highest number of reported ATV fatalities since 1982. A common misconception among many is that ATVs are easy to ride. Many ATVs can go faster than 80 mph and can weigh about a quarter of a ton and it takes a certain amount of skill and training to handle these vehicles safely. The most common types of injuries suffered in ATV crashes are brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.

I’d urge the family of David Mohler to seek the counsel of an expert Orange County ATV accident lawyer, who will help them investigate this accident and determine who or what caused this horrific crash. If the driver of the other vehicle caused this crash then he or she must be held responsible for the accident and the fatal injuries caused to Mohler. I would also advise the Mohler family to preserve the ATV in its damaged condition so that it can be examined for mechanical malfunction, product defects and other evidence. Often, ATV accident injuries and deaths are the result of poor or defective design. The faulty design not only makes a rider prone to accidents but also offers him or her no protection in the event of a crash or collision.

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  1. I am one of daves long time riding buddys. He is one of the best off road riders you will ever find. His unfortunate accident occurred while riding passenger in a racing style desert buggy. They were hit head on in blind corner by a race truck. Nither were racing, but the truck was traveling at a highly unsafe speed for a blind corner in a populated area. Dave had to be cut from the vehicle. The world is a lessor place without him.

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