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Bicyclist Taken By Ambulance From PCH, Newport Beach Bicycle Accident Scene?


Was there a serious bicycle verses auto collision on Pacific Coast Highway, in Newport Beach this morning, June 12, 2011 at about 10:45 am? Did a bicyclist out for a Sunday morning ride on north PCH have some type of accident or medical emergency?

This morning on PCH I noticed the scene in the photo above. It appeared that there was an ambulance taking someone away on a gurney, a fire truck, a police car, a couple police motorcycles and a number of bicyclists. I took this photo from north bound PCH of the scene at the north driveway of Armstrong Garden Center at 1500 East Coast Highway, Newport Beach, CA. The ambulance had just pulled away.

From what I observed at the scene it appeared that a bicyclist may have been seriously injured. The bicyclists milling around and speaking to the police officers looked like they were in various stages of shock and disbelieve, like something happened to one of their friends.

What I did not see was a mangled bicycle or a car that may have been involved. I hope the best for whomever was taken away.

We will follow up on this story whenever we get additional information. Anyone who has additional information, please send it to one of our personal injury lawyers in Orange County
through the contact form listed on this page, or at 1-800-481-8656.

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