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Big Rig Versus Motorcycle Accident On Ortega Highway Kills One


Christopher Michael Snethen, 23, died in a Sept. 3 motorcycle accident in Lake Elsinore after his vehicle reportedly crossed the double yellow lines and went directly into the path of a big rig on the Ortega (74) Highway. According to a KNBC news report, Snethen was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash, which occurred near Grand Avenue.

California Highway Patrol officials say Snethen was westbound on Highway 74 when he lost control of his 2007 Kawasaki Ninja on a curve and veered into the path of a loaded Freightliner flatbed truck. The driver of the big rig, 26-year-old Noah Dwaine Jackson, couldn’t avoid the motorcycle vs. truck collision even after braking and steering to the right. Jackson was not injured.

I offer my deepest condolences to the family of Christopher Snethen for their tragic loss.

Motorcyclists are very much in danger while driving near big-rigs, especially on the freeway. Because of the high speed, bad visibility and lack of reaction time, motorcyclists can be seriously injured or killed when they are hit or even clipped by a large truck.

The victim’s family in this case would be well advised to consult a reputed Riverside County motorcycle accident attorney, who will thoroughly investigate this accident and help determine the facts. It’s too early to tell what caused Snethen to cross the double yellow lines directly into the path of the big rig. If I were looking into this accident I’d start with the model of this motorcycle to see if it was among those recently recalled. Some 2006-2007 Ninja’s were recalled due to defects in the rear suspension. It is also possible there were other defects in the motorcycle that contributed to this accident. I’d urge the Snethen family to maintain the motorcycle in its damaged condition until an expert has examined it.

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10 responses to “Big Rig Versus Motorcycle Accident On Ortega Highway Kills One”

  1. jeff says:

    john…it’s called riding over your head. this is a very sad story, but i’d put the possibility of a manufacturer’s defect contributing to this accident at about .05%. fishing around for someone else to blame and suing them is the american way right? you must be a lawyer if you’re suggesting that this family go this route, because it is the lawyers that are the only one’s making any money out of it. i bet you your salary for a year that he was speeding and come up on the turn too hot and shot across to the other side of the road. i bet you you 10 yrs salary that this was rider error and that’s it. please stop posting shit for a family to spend more money than they have to because of some defect. that’s just bogus and people like you should be accountable for criminal persuasion for taking advantage of people who have just lost a loved one. was this a zx-14? if not then your recall suggestion is bogus. if it was, then it would take 2 seconds to look at the weld joints to see if there are any cracks or separation from the rear shock to the frame. how much would this so called expert be paid for such an investigation? too much i’m sure. come on man…stop trying to make more money than your worth. lawyers are ruining this country because of people like you chasing these minute situations and charging outrageous hourly fees.

  2. John Bisnar says:

    Jeff, thank you for your comment on our blog. I appreciate you taking the time to express your opinion and share it with our readers. After all, it is the “American Way” to have the freedom to say what you believe.

  3. Jeff says:

    Thank you for your response. Surely you may be one of the “good guys”, so my comment was generally speaking; except for the comment “lawyers like you”…I am aware of the millions of products that get recalled. In manufacturing process, things happen, nobody’s perfect. I understand that you make a living exposing these defects and getting to the people who are responsible for their devious behavior. I am disgusted that we have anything made from China imported here. I don’t want to get in to details because we could banter back and forth all day.

  4. Alisha says:

    I just want to say that I lost my best friend this day, and I know for a fact that he WAS NOT SPEEDING, just to clarify for the guy that said he probably was. Another one of my best friends was with him and knows that they were not speeding on the highway. They were both very careful drivers. Think about what you’re saying when you make assuptions, especially when friends and family read these things!!!

  5. Kathy Pawson says:

    We had a very serious problem with ZX14 2006 with frame defect. Rider seriously injured. We have had the frame inspected by experts, definetly defect in casting of metal, issued summons this year, 2011

  6. Such a sad story. I too offer my condolences to the family of this victim.

  7. Such a sad story. I too offer my condolences to the family of this victim.

  8. Excellent comments John. Truth, justice and the American Way in fighting for the rights of injured victims.

  9. Jay says:

    I am happy to have read the original posting by Jeff and the reply by John. Even more important that Jeff also understands the inevitable void that consumer rights attorneys fill.

  10. Franklin says:

    For the men who took the comment section to talk about the judicial system #$%& off this man was my best friend and all you did was argue about how corrupt and wrong each other was.

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