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Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys Law Firm Covers the Rules of the Road


The California auto defect and accident lawyers, Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys, have a section on their website dedicated to explaining California Motor Vehicle Codes. This page is very helpful, allowing visitors to browse laws by topic and number, and find extra information about the requirements of all who use California’s roads. The explanations of the codes do a good job of translating “law language” into clear, everyday language and examples.

The vehicle codes covered on the page range from Section 20001 through 23224. Not every single code is included, but only the most commonly confronted and important codes. The explanations discuss everything from speed limits, stoplights, stop signs, and traffic lanes, to low speed vehicles, riding an animal, the duties and rights of bicycle riders, and how to drive on mountain roads.

The page has recently posted many new vehicle codes that deal with some very important laws, namely, the regulations surrounding alcohol and driving. Section 23136 provides the details on blood alcohol concentration, while 23220 and 23222 discuss the prohibition of driving drunk or with an open container of alcohol. These recently added codes are deserving of attention, as drunk driving accidents occur on California’s roads every day.

This section of the Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys site could be helpful for anyone driving in California who would like to brush up on some of the rules of the road. It is also helpful for people who have received traffic tickets, or who would like to make an effort to avoid breaking laws and incurring penalties.

Check out the Rules of the Road and brush up on your road knowledge.

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