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Staying Safe While Riding a Motorized Scooter in California


City streets are extremely busy places. Drivers tend to be in a rush and often forget to look for oncoming cyclists, scooter riders and pedestrians before turning or crossing intersections. By understanding Motor Vehicle Code 21221 and watching for potential dangers, you can decrease the possibility of being involved in an accident with a car or other motor vehicle.

Accidents between scooters and cars are nearly 100 percent preventable by simply paying attention to your surroundings. Most accidents occur when either one or both drivers are not paying attention while crossing an intersection or driveway, or making a turn. The remaining crashes occur because one rider or driver didn’t follow the traffic laws.

Here at Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys law firm, we want to make sure every person using California streets is safe from harm. The following are a few suggestions for keeping you safe if you want to ride a motorized scooter on busy city streets.

  1. Know and obey the traffic laws: Traffic laws were created to keep you safe, and they shouldn’t be ignored just because you are on a scooter and not driving a car. One wrong turn or poor decision could end in tragedy, so follow the rules to stay safe.
  2. Stay alert to your surroundings: Be prepared for bad drivers and unexpected road hazards. Only you can be responsible for your own safety. Make sure you are alert and prepared for unexpected things to happen.
  3. Be visible at all times: Make sure drivers can see you by wearing bright clothing and lighting your scooter both day and night. Never wear dark clothing if you are riding at night, and make sure to get all reflectors replaced that may be cracked or missing.
  4. Use quieter less-traveled roads: If possible you should avoid traveling at rush hour and use side streets instead of major roadways. This makes it safer for you to travel without distractions to drivers and other riders.
  5. Fix anything that is broken: Good tread on the tires and a functioning brake will make a huge difference in your ability to ride safely on busy streets. Make sure handlebars are tight and situated at a comfortable level, and if there is a seat, make sure it is functional.

Please see complete listing of traffic laws at California Motor Vehicle Code.

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