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Car Accident Attorney Irvine


Car accidents happen in a split second, but the effects of a serious crash can last a lifetime. Many people have been stunned to learn how quickly life changes after a major car accident and few are prepared for these changes. Suddenly, you may find yourself unable to work and facing medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, and continuing physical and emotional pain, with no idea how you are going to support your family or yourself. No one wants to think about the effects of a serious car accident on their lives, but the time to consider these problems is not after you are already in dire financial straits or unable to pay for your medical costs. Instead, by consulting with a car accident attorney in Irvine as soon as possible after your injuries, you can preserve your rights and ensure that you will have adequate means to provide for your family and pay your bills.

Most people do not think about the need for a car accident lawyer in Irvine until it arises. However, once you have been seriously injured, you may continue to procrastinate about seeing an attorney. What causes people to put off talking to an Irvine car accident lawyer? The reasons are probably countless, but the most important reason is propaganda.

The media, movies, and television have spent the last fifty years portraying lawyers in a less-than-flattering light and harping on huge settlements granted for “spilled coffee” or other slight injuries. While it is true that a few notable cases have returned huge verdicts for such claims, the vast majority of personal injury cases are settled for far less than the phantom “millions” the press loves to discuss. Most personal injury cases settle for somewhat above the actual cost of medical bills and personal property damage, unless there is a permanent injury which will require lifetime care. Irvine car accident lawyers fulfill an important niche in our justice system-they hold insurance companies and defendants accountable for their actions. It is a sad but true fact that without car accident lawyers in Irvine few people would ever be paid for damages sustained through someone else’s carelessness.

It is also a fact that insurance companies and the drivers they represent have access to bevies of lawyers whose sole purpose is to prevent you from getting a good settlement. Insurance company lawyers are quick to offer you a settlement after an accident, but you can be sure that settlement amount represents far less than the amount to which you are entitled and should receive. If an insurance company can convince you to settle quickly, they save tremendous legal costs and can close your file quickly, so it is in their best interest to tempt you with an immediate settlement. However, your Irvine car accident attorney will tell you whether this settlement is indeed reasonable or whether you should negotiate for more money given the totality of your injuries and damages.

Before you talk to an insurance company or its lawyers, be sure that you have consulted an accident attorney in Irvine.

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