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Fatal San Francisco Car Accident


Two teens–including 19-year-old Gerard Gilbert–were killed and one other sustained major injuries in a San Francisco car accident on the 101 Freeway the night of August 4, 2009, the San Mateo County Times reports. California Highway Patrol officials say a red 1992 Honda Prelude that was repeatedly changing lanes swerved off northbound 101 near Oyster Point Boulevard. The vehicle rolled over once and came to stop in a ditch. Emergency personnel had to cut the roof of the car to get the occupants out.

Tragic San Francisco Car Accident

A 17-year-old girl was ejected from the car and was pronounced dead at the scene. Gilbert was a passenger in the car. The driver of the Honda, an 18-year-old woman, survived but sustained critical injuries and was transported to an area hospital. Gilbert and the driver were wearing seatbelts, but police say the 17-year-old girl who was ejected may not have been buckled up. Police also received reports before the car accident that the Honda was veering between lanes and speeding. However, officials do not believe drugs or alcohol were involved in this car crash.

I offer my deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Gerard Gilbert and the 17-year-old who died. I also wish the teen driver the very best for a quick and complete recovery. Please keep them in your prayers.

I trust the official investigation will provide more details about how or why this tragic car accident occurred. Initial reports suggest the driver may have been speeding and weaving in and out of traffic. The other question that arises here is whether the 17-year-old girl was wearing her seatbelt or whether her seat restraint system failed during the car crash. Law enforcement officials who investigate car accidents generally tend to assume that if a person was ejected from a vehicle he or she was not buckled up. As auto products liability attorneys who represent injured car accident victims, we know that seatbelt failure occurs quite often during a rollover car crash.

Contacting a San Francisco Car Accident Attorney

The injured victim and the families of these deceased victims would be well-advised to retain the services of an experienced San Francisco personal injury lawyer who will look into all possibilities including vehicle defect, mechanical malfunction, dangerous roadway conditions and any other vehicle that may have caused the Honda to veer off the roadway. The best California car accident attorneys will always offer a free, comprehensive and confidential consultation

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42 responses to “Fatal San Francisco Car Accident”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The seventeen year old girl was Alexandra Valdivia

  2. Lauren Wiedman says:

    please email i want ask you if the 17 year old was a girl. i want to kno if it is her.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Its alex valdiva the 17 yr old

  4. anonymous r says:

    Alex always smiled…her and Gerard will never every be forgotten…it was too soon. rest in peace

  5. Krystal says:

    Their not asking questions to the driver because she is in critical condition at a local hospital. They would ask if she was conscious obviously.

  6. kayla williams says:

    alex was my buddy! she always was smiling…i think the first thing she told me was can i touch your hair? lmao…man she knew how to start a party! i love you alex and youll always be remembered!

  7. kayla williams says:

    alex was my buddy! she always was smiling…i think the first thing she told me was can i touch your hair? lmao…man she knew how to start a party! i love you alex and youll always be remembered!

  8. Anonymous says:

    the name of the male that died is Jared, not Gerard

  9. Anonymous says:

    rip alex mamaz, yu are forever in my heart

  10. Graciela Jaimes says:

    I am so sorry to tell you that it was Alexandra Aurora Valdivia the person who died; I am a mother of a 17 year old daughter who was one of her friends; we are very sad and have her and her family in our prayers,

  11. patricia valdivia says:

    I love you forever my precious baby, we always going to be together. Your mom.

  12. edwin says:

    alex i will always remember you…you will always be in my heart

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. Lauren Wiedman says:

    thanks.. i found out later.. me and alex were friends since freshmen year.. it so sad to here that she is gone. i was just talking about her not too long ago. she is in peace now. i live in los angeles now. i used to live in sf. i would have gone but it was such short notice,,

  15. Javier Escobar says:

    Alexandra Valdivia was one of the most lovely persons i ever known she was thee baby girl of my wife Milly(aunt) we’ll always remeber her in our hurts and every day memory… she took good care several times of my baby Angello that she love like he love like was her brother… Milly love her like she was here daugther and all the Valdivia family its hurt but we are more united than ever… She’s our Angel now, then and always… thanks for all the people who write comments on this page… We love you Alex, as a sister,daugther,friend,and lovely person… Love:Milly,Nicolle,Michelle,Angello and Javier

  16. anonymous says:

    i miss you so much. i try to find out more information about this accident daily. i always wonder why this had to happen. you were so young!!! my heart’s broken & i can’t stop missing you. i just can’t believe it. alex, you were such a sweet person. you always welcomed people into your home and offered whatever care you could. i remember how we would always compliment each other. you were such a funny character. i pray and think of you daily. i’ll never forget you. and your finally turning 18, saturday! all of your friends & family are gonna celebrate your day… we’ll party hard for you. i love you. i know you can hear me. i wish i could hug you one last time. i love you so much nina!!!

  17. tinoi says:

    I had met her in mid November but it felt as if i had known her my entire life. you are always going to be more than just a memory to me.i love you baby girl!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    i love you alex. i miss you so much. dont forget that. everyday that passes, i get closer to seeing you again, and i look forward to it. rest in peace ma

  19. patricia valdivia says:

    Hi bebita is your mom, I am waiting for you,I miss you soo much every day and every moment; I dont understant why you are not here with us everybody miss you sooo much and I feel so alone wihtout you, something is missing and I know is mi bebita; many times I try to be strong so you don’t see me cry but I can’t; I just want to be whith you. LOVE YOU ALLWAYS…MOM.

  20. jessica says:

    i never thought in a million years this would happen to you, i was just talking to you the night this happened alex & man it hurts. i thought you were just “taking a nap” like your away stated, but it was so much more. i knew something was wrong when i texted you on august 5th & told you to wake up, because you were sleep for long enough.. i never got a response. instead later that day i got the news of you & jed. ugh. how i dont want to accept it to this day. i miss you soooo much. and to imagine we were just hanging out THAT saturday reading your book (which i still have) . i will always read this book and think of you and that day we spent together and always remember that last hug & kiss i got from you. i miss you babygirl, but i know your smiling down on me up there in heaven. such a happy girl, with such a beautiful smile. big enough to light the darkest alleys of this world. i could talk to you and all my worries would go away, you were such a great person and i cant wait to see you, i know each day i live brings me closer and closer to us joking around again. keep that smile on your face. =) see you soon.

  21. Jose Carlos Valdivia says:

    mi bebita amada lo mas lindo e importante para mi, gracias bebita por tantos momentos a mi lado juntas siempre, por tu amor tan grande,dulce,maravilloso.gracias por comprenderme tanto y compenetrarte conmigo tanto que somos complices,yo se que mis secretos son tuyos y los tuyos mios y siempre va seguir siendo asi.

  22. tu mama says:

    Hola bebita,today is two months that I cannot see you,it is so dificult like I told you before I try to keep going for your brothers and because I know you want that, but I miss you soo much… , you know how close we are,reemember when I always told you to call me wherever you were and at any time because I allways worry about; imagine now. My only happiness now is to know that you told me in that wonderful dream that you and Jered are thogeter and okay, I saw you very happy smiling like only you know how to do; please bebita take care yourself please I allways pray for you I hope I can see you soon this is soo dificult without you, I know that you dont like me to talk like that because of your little brother but I just want to be with you. Is already two months and for me seems like two years, I need you and I love you soo much my PRECIOUS BABY….. Your Mom.

  23. daphne holtz says:

    i am the mother of Jared Gerard j. Gilbert. And i want to say to alex’s mom that i understand u were moving before we lost our babies. I hope the best for you and your family. and i encourage everyone after the anger is over to pray for michelle’s family.

  24. becky says:

    “she’s the kind of girl you wanna marry,

  25. Millie says:

    Mi Amor el tiempo se pads rapido pero l dolor no te extrano y me duele saber q no estas para aunquesea pelear, te Amo te pienso todo el tiempo te lloro siempre pero Se q nada te traer con nosotros otra vez quisiera retroceder el tiempo para disfrutar tantas cosas que se quedaron a medias y decirte una y mil veces te AMO siempre fuiste eres y aras mi hijita linda LOVE YA ALEX…….

  26. daphne says:

    Dearest Jared;

  27. Patricia Valdivia says:

    Hi my bebita bella, today is already four months that I cannot have you with me, my gosh I still can’t believe this is like a bad dream, since you were gone it is not one single day that I’m not thinking on you,always waiting for you to come or to get a phone call from you asking to pick you up from a friends house; this past thanks giving was so lonley and sad because you wasn’t there with us and I do not want to thihk about the next holidays. Your friends were on the house the other day they miss you a lot everybody does, please wherever you are now take care yourself I miss you soo much mi amor, be safe,I want to think that you are some were closer and soon you going to come back, maybe you just want to be with Jared because he always make you laugh and he care about you,but remmenber that I always going to be waiting for you guys; some times I want to go look for you guys and I realize what happend and I start criying like a baby, another times when I get off from work I drive to Daly City were I pick you up sometimes…. I just wan to see you soon and I need to say one more time that I miss you, you let me with a big big hole in my heart and only when I’m with you will be heal. LOVE YOU BEBITA….

  28. Jasmine Selinger says:

    I will love you Always&Forever, Alex !!!!!!! <3

  29. becky says:

    te quiero wifeyy.

  30. Steph Flores says:

    Im probably one of the last ppl to find out about this and i am completley speechless! this has hit me so hard! i didnt even know how to take this when i was told. I am friends with jared! that guy was just a joy to be around! never a dull moment and that smile utterley contagious! omg this is so hard to write.. can i pls have the name and or address to where he was burried pls? i would like to visit him promptly

  31. Roniesha Foster says:

    hey alex ,

  32. Patricia Valdivia says:

    Hi Mi bebita linda, Happy Birthday, today you are 19,I know that you are soo happy celebrating your big day and waching all the things that we were done for you; do not worry for me if you saw me sad or crying, it is because I miss you soo much and I wish that you were celebratng with us, but do not worry we going to be together one day and we going to celebrate all the times that we were apart, I know this and every day I know that I am closer to you; for now just have a good time where you are, and always smile like only you know. I miss you soo much baby, please remmember that I will always love you and have you in mi heart, see you later bebita bella.

  33. beckkkyy says:


  34. Ashley Amerson says:

    Hey baby girl! I miss you oh so much. Wish you were here to meet my boys. You told me I would be a great mom to my twins & I’m doing just that. Hope your proud of me. I miss getting midnight aims from you b/c you couldn’t sleep. Man. & our starbuck talks. You are & always will be the most gorgeous person I’ve ever met. Please continue to rest in paradise & looking over all of your family & friends. Muah <3. Talk to you later in my prayers.

  35. patricia valdivia says:

    Hi Bebita, today in the morning I recieve a text from your friend M. I feel very happy to know that they didnt forget you. Like I told you the other day, I still feel very guilty for all that happend, I feel very responsable for all the things that I told you before; I wish I can get a respond from you, but I understant I have to wait. I am so sorry for crying today on my way to work but this is harder and harder every day, I was listen to this song and at the same time looking at your picture; I miss you so much, I see your smile everywhere, yesterday at night when I was working I was imagine that that lad was you; the song was saying that I still can not believe that you left me, but that everything is going to be okay later,then he was saying that the time you where here, you are so amazing. This song sound that was made for you Bebita, I can not wait to be wiht you again, nothing is the same without you, I miss every moment we were toguether; I feel so empty, something is missing. But I know that you are ok. and I just have to wait more to see you. I LOVE YOU BEBITA LINDA. See you later. Yor mom.

  36. anonymous says:


  37. Anonymous says:

    Alex, miss you a lot but I’m so glad I met you, sometimes I think back to our Star days and the things you did always bring a smile to my face. I will always cherish the time we spent together. Rest in peace Alex, I love you and i will never forget you.

  38. tinoi says:

    Hey baby girl . I really miss you…like A WHOLE LOT. Thank you for visiting me in my dreams=) rest happy in the clouds alex. See you soon

  39. anonymous says:

    everyone knows that the seventeen year old girl’s name is alexandra valdivia WHY ARE COPS SO STUPID

  40. anonymous says:

    the driver is so STUPID its her fault my cousin is dead

  41. veebabee says:

    3 years have passed and you are thought about by many today.. facebook is filled with your beautiful pictures right now. continue to rest in peace <3

  42. Joe t says:

    I remember meeting jared for the first time and when we became buds. I remember seeing u at the school dances and having a real good time with all of our friends. I even remember going to your house because you were going to sell me so e jordans haha. Rest in love jared.

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