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Should I hold the Government Responsible For My Car Accident Claim?


Many California car accident victims are injured every year. A number of these victims never knew that they may have a claim against the government. For victims who have been injured in an intersection accident this may be the case. Dangerous intersections are to blame for a number of catastrophic injuries.

If you have been injured in an intersection the city or state may be responsible for your accident. California is home to a number of dangerous intersections throughout the state. There are a number of reasons why an intersection is dangerous. Some of which include a lack of a crosswalk, lack of lighting, lack of a signal, and lack of signage such as a stop sign. There are a lot of issues which cities are aware that should be in place and in many cases are not. In some cases these same issues are in violation of their own procedures, policies, and guidelines.

A personal injury case with any significant injury can become complicated. To find out what your claim is worth, and if the government is responsible for your car accident, you need to consult with an experienced California personal injury lawyer. There are a number of factors that need to be evaluated when dealing with a car accident claim. Hiring a skilled car accident lawyer will dramatically affect how much you receive from your accident claim.

California Personal injury victims that have suffered from a catastrophic intersection accident can receive a complimentary book, “The Seven Fatal Mistakes That Can Wreck Your California Personal Injury Accident.” This book is valued at $14.99 but offered at no cost to accident victims. In it you will find information which every accident victim should know.

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