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San Francisco Car Accident Injures Two


Two people were hurt in a San Francisco car accident the morning of August 27, 2009 after a 24-Divisadero bus collided with a car, the San Francisco Examiner reports. Muni officials say preliminary reports indicate that the car rear-ended the bus. The car’s driver and a passenger in the bus were transported to an area hospital with injuries. No one else was injured.

I’m relieved that this car accident did not result in serious or life threatening injuries. I sincerely hope that the injuries suffered by the car’s driver and the bus passenger were not severe. I wish the injured victims the very best for a quick and complete recovery. Please keep them in your prayers.

San Francisco Car Accident Statistics

According to California Highway Patrol’s 2007 Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS), there were 51 fatalities and 3,632 injuries involving car accidents in the city of San Francisco.

Based on this newspaper report, it is hard to tell who or what caused this bus accident. All we know at this point, is that the car was traveling behind the bus. There are a few questions that need to be asked here. Was the car driver under the influence, speeding, distracted or otherwise driving negligently? Was the bus driver distracted or did he come to a sudden stop thereby making it difficult for the driver of the car to slow down and stop in time to avoid the collision? The answers to these questions will help determine whose was at fault here.

If the car driver was at fault, then he or she could be held liable for the injuries caused to the bus passenger. If the bus driver was at fault here, both he/she and the transit authority could be held liable for the injuries caused to the car driver and the bus passenger. Bus companies–whether public or private carriers–owe the duty of utmost care to their passengers. What this means is that they are responsible for the safe transit of their passengers. Bus companies have a higher duty of care to their passengers than they have to even other motorists or pedestrians on the street.

San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer

Injured victims in such cases would be well-advised to consult with an experienced
San Francisco personal injury lawyer, who will remain on their side and make sure their rights are protected and that they get fair compensation for their injuries, damages and loss. Victims should not sign any papers or settlement agreements or talk to insurance adjusters or attorneys for the other side without consulting a personal injury lawyer first and making sure their rights and interests are being protected.

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