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Chevy Suburban Fatal Rollover Accident


Three members of a family traveling home to Colorado from California, were killed in a rollover car accident on July 13, 2009 in Wyoming, according to a news report in the Littleton Independent. Dodi Arnold, 45, and her two daughters–24-year-old Kinni and 15-year-old Bailey–were killed. Jonathan Arnold, 43, the father and daughter, 16-year-old Dellen Arnold, suffered injuries but are recovering.

Wyoming State Patrol officials say this is one of the worst rollover car accidents they have seen in those parts. They say the fatal car accident occurred when a semi-truck caused Dellen, an inexperienced driver, to overcorrect the vehicle just east of Rock Springs, Wyoming. Dellen was driving the family’s 2009 Chevy Suburban when a big rig began to change lanes. The Suburban may have been in the trucker’s blind spot, officials say. Once the semi changed lanes, the Suburban’s right tires were pushed into the inside of the rumble strip. Apparently an experienced driver may have been able to maneuver the SUV away from the semi, but the teen had problems controlling the vehicle. Police say drugs, alcohol or speed were not factors in this car crash.

My heart goes out to the Arnold family. I offer my deepest sympathies to the surviving family members–Dellen and Jonathan Arnold–and to everyone who knew and loved this beautiful family. Please keep this family in your prayers.

Based on this news report, authorities say Dodi and Bailey were not wearing seatbelts. They also say Kinni was wearing her seatbelt, but “was wearing it improperly.” If I were a family member, I would certainly consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer who has a successful track record handling auto products liability cases.

Firstly, the Chevy Suburban is known to be a dangerously unstable SUV. Our product liabilities law firm has done extensive drop testing on GMC SUVs to prove their design defects, which have paralyzed hundreds and killed even more. These are extremely dangerous vehicles, especially in rollover accidents and GMC knows it. The auto maker has settled numerous SUV auto product defect cases with my firm alone.

In this case, I would look into whether defective design caused the Suburban to roll over and whether any of the seat restraint systems in the SUV failed. Please remember, that in order to effectively pursue an auto product defect case, the vehicle must be preserved in its original, crashed condition–unaltered. The best personal injury lawyer will always offer a free and comprehensive initial consultation.

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