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Chevrolet Blazer Rollover Accident In San Diego Leaves One Dead


Joseph Isaiah Rojas, 17, a senior at Mount Miguel High School in Spring Valley, San Diego, died in a Chevrolet Blazer rollover accident on the Interstate 8, according to a news report in the San Diego Union-Tribune. The Blazer’s driver, Jessica Perdomo, 35, suffered major injuries in the collision. Four other people in different vehicles were also treated for moderate or minor injuries.

The SUV Rollover accident reportedly occurred after the Blazer struck a Honda sedan that had flipped over the median and landed in front of oncoming traffic. The Blazer rolled over six times. California Highway Patrol officials say the 21-year-old driver of the Honda could face vehicular manslaughter charges and speeding. CHP officers say the driver of the Honda was doing 75 to 80 mph on the eastbound lane of the I-80 and ended up losing control of the vehicle.

Let’s keep Joseph Isaiah Rojas in our prayers and send our best wishes to the injured victims and surviving family members.

Preliminary findings by the CHP do reveal that the driver of the Honda lost control of the vehicle because he or she was speeding. The driver of the Honda will be held responsible for this accident, the injuries and loss. If the Honda’s driver does not have insurance or sufficient insurance, the injured victims may get compensated through their own auto insurance’s “uninsured” or “underinsured” coverage.

The family of Joseph Rojas and Jessica Pedermo, the driver of the Blazer, should also consider retaining the services of a reputed California auto product defect law firm to look into whether the Chevy Blazer’s poor design contributed to Joseph’s death or Perdomo’s injuries.

The Chevy Blazer, especially the older models, is one of the most unstable sport utility vehicles on the road. The Blazer has a long history of rollover accidents, restraint system failures or defective seat belts. There are instances where seat belt failures in the Blazer have caused occupants to be thrown inside the SUV and/or being ejected. An expert analysis of the seat belt fibers, buckles, anchors and retractors will indicate any failures in the restraint systems.

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