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Costa Mesa Man Dies in Altadena Motorcycle Accident


David Church Deane, 28, of Costa Mesa, who worked as a production assistant on the “Judge Judy” show was killed in a head-on motorcycle accident when he collided with a pickup truck on the Angeles Crest Highway, according to a CBS News report. The motorcycle accident occurred Aug. 21 at 11:50 a.m.

California Highway Patrol officials say initial reports place the blame squarely on Deane who they say was speeding and then crossed over double yellow lines and struck a 2006 Dodge Ram pick-up truck. Deane was traveling eastbound and was rounding a curve at a high rate of speed when the head-on collision occurred, CHP officials say. Deane was thrown to the side of the road and the motorcycle ended up wedged under the truck. He was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene.

According to a recent report by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, among fatal motorcycle accidents between 2001 and 2005, about 56 percent of the crashes involved two or more vehicles. An overwhelming number of motorcyclists killed in these collisions – about 85 percent – were involved in collisions with passenger vehicles.

Another interesting statistic presented in this report is that 75 percent of the time, in a multi-vehicle collision, the motorcyclist is said to be at fault. Also 25 percent of the time, motorcyclists are said to be speeding before or during the accident.

In the case of this accident, initial CHP reports imply that this accident was Deane’s fault – that he crossed over the double yellow lines and caused the collision. If I were a family member, I would opt for an independent investigation of the accident by an experienced California motorcycle accident lawyer to determine exactly what happened. Initial accident reports sometimes turn out false or erroneous.

This accident is also a warning for motorcyclists to ride safely. Here is an excellent website hosted by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, which offers plenty of safety tips for motorcyclists.

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