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Fatal Manhattan Beach Auto Accident Occurred On Dangerous Roadway


A fatal auto accident in Manhattan Beach is getting residents in the area talking about a dangerous roadway in the city which they say is plagued by crashes. According to a news report in the Daily Breeze, 19-year-old Carlos Enrique Elias of Wilmington was killed in a single-vehicle auto accident on Rosecrans Avenue in Manhattan Beach. He was reportedly speeding in his Honda Accord, lost control, struck and took out a lamppost near Vista Drive.

Neighbors say the city has done nothing about a dangerous bend on Rosecrans Avenue. They say they have been asking Manhattan Beach city officials to install a traffic signal there for years now. A long time resident, who has lived in the area for 30 years, is quoted in the article as saying that she has on an average seen one auto accident a month in that section of the roadway. Other innocent motorists are also struck by speeding cars who hit that turn too fast, the resident says.

Elias seems to have been at fault for this fatal auto accident, at least according to the reports, which don’t make it so. He was reportedly driving without a valid license and had been cited several times over the last few years, including once for street racing. But the issue of this dangerous roadway is a serious concern for the residents of Manhattan Beach.

If the accident Elias was in was contributed to by a dangerous roadway condition the city may be held liable to the Elias heirs for damages.. According to California law, cities, counties or state agencies can be held responsible for auto accidents that occur because of a hazardous roadway condition that are not remedied by the responsible agencies. The law also states that victims are entitled to compensation if the concerned agency has known about this condition and did not take any action to correct the situation.

I strongly urge the city of Manhattan Beach to listen to their residents and look into whether there is a dangerous condition on the roadway. Some type of safety remedy on Rosecrans may be a lot cheaper for them than paying out millions to auto accident victims and their families.

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