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Four-car crash injures Mission Viejo children


November 7, 2012-Mission Viejo, CA-Four children were taken to the hospital along with one adult after a rush-hour crash between four separate vehicles, according to the Mission Viejo Patch. Although the exact details of the crash are still under investigation, it apparently began when one vehicle ran a red light at Oso and Marguerite Streets, resulting in a chain-reaction that involved four vehicles.

The mother of four children was taken to an area hospital for evaluation while two of her children were sent to another location. Another child was taken for evaluation for minor injuries along with the mother, and a male driver of another vehicle was also transported to an area hospital for evaluation.

While it is clear that a total of four vehicles were involved in the accident, the order in which the vehicles collided and exactly how each of the drivers reacted has not yet been explained. The police are investigating the accident scene to reconstruct exactly how the collision occurred.
My sincere wishes for a speedy recovery go out to all the victims involved in this accident.

Stop Light Accidents Very Common
Traffic signals exist so that everyone can take turns crossing intersections, but some drivers refuse to observe these signals and often cause accidents as a result. In 2008, more than 7,700 people lost their lives in intersection crashes, many of which were caused by a driver’s failure to yield the right-of-way, according to the Federal Highway Administration. Because of these drivers’ lack of consideration for others, people are injured or killed in more than 2.3 million intersection crashes each year.

Who Caused This Crash?

Because of the confused nature of the crash involving four vehicles, the police have not made a definitive determination on exactly who caused this crash. However, authorities will continue to investigate until the true cause of the accident is determined, and if one of the drivers did run the red light and cause the crash, that driver will likely be cited for a traffic violation.

What About the Medical Bills?

Although the driver who caused the crash may receive a citation, that will not pay the medical bills of the victims involved. In order to pay those bills, it may be necessary for those victims to retain an auto accident attorney who will help them recover the costs of their treatment.

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