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Harley Davidson Recalls


While being one of the most trusted brands in today’s motorcycle culture, even Harley Davidson has problems from time to time. It was reported last month that about 308,000 motorcycles were being recalled by the industry giant due to a switch problem that can cause failure of the brake lights and possibly even the rear brakes themselves.

Obviously, brake lights are vital to a motorcyclist’s visibility on the road, and with them malfunctioning, drastic measures had to be taken immediately.

According to documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Harley said, “Brake light switches can be exposed to too much heat from the exhaust system. The heat can cause the brake lights to fail, and the problem also can cause fluid leaks and the loss of rear brakes, the documents said.”

The company’s Trike, Touring, and CVO Touring models are affected by the recall. With Harley Davidson being such a trusted brand, it’s no wonder they acted quickly and resolved the matter.

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