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Honda’s Settlement Offer Rejected by Angry Consumer


Heather Peters a Honda Civic Hybrid owner claims that her 2006 sedan does not live up to its promise. The auto manufacturer had made claims that the Civic hybrid would receive about 50 miles per gallon. Because of technical issues, the car has received only 30 miles per gallon.

Peters is not the only one who has noticed a dwindling gas tank. In fact, a recent class action settlement against Honda resulted in rebate coupon to purchase a new vehicle and an award to Hybrid owners that is as little as $100 each.

For many Honda hybrid owners this is the end of the road. They will receive their check and use it to fill up their gas for the week. Peters, however, has refused the settlement. As a consumer, she has decided that Honda’s settlement is unacceptable.

On January 3, 2011, Peters will go head to head with the giant auto manufacturer in small claims court. You see, In California Honda is not permitted to bring an attorney to small claims court. Peters is also counting on other Honda owners across the country to do the same. She is urging Honda hybrid owners to file similar suits in hopes that the auto manufacturer will become overwhelmed with lawsuits.

Her site include state resources to help others file lawsuits. Other websites such as have also followed this trend and are offering free resources to help Honda owners file their lawsuits in California small claims court.

If you would like more detailed information about how you can take Honda to court please visit the Don’t Settle with Honda website.

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One response to “Honda’s Settlement Offer Rejected by Angry Consumer”

  1. TrueNorth says:

    I own a 2011 Honda Pilot and they claim that the vehicle gets over 31 miles per gallon. Guess what, surprise, surprise the best I have got so far is 21 miles per gallon. There seems to be a pattern of overstating the fuel efficiency of their vehicles.

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