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Humboldt Bicycle Accident Seriously Injures Student


Police are investigating a possible Humboldt State University bicycle accident the morning of July 27, which they say may have caused serious internal injuries to 31-year-old Nghiep Tuan Hyunh, a student at the university. According to an article in the Humboldt Beacon , Hyunh was taken to an area hospital after he returned to his dorm with internal injuries, which officials believe he sustained in a bicycle accident. Hyunh has not yet regained consciousness and is said to be in critical condition.

Police say they have located Hyunh’s damaged bicycle and proof that a bicycle accident took place at the base of a steep hill not far from his dorm. Authorities are asking anyone with information about this bicycle accident to call 707-826-5555. Hyunh is reportedly 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 110 pounds with black hair and eyes.

It seems to me that Hyunh must have returned to the dorm room after the incident because he did not feel significant pain soon after the accident. I’ve talked to hundreds of auto accident victims and it is not altogether uncommon for someone to feel fine soon after an accident. What happened to Hyunh is the reason why anyone who has been hurt in an accident should have themselves check out by health professionals.

Many auto accident victims feel no real pain or discomfort. But they may have suffered severe internal injuries like Hyunh did. They may have suffered brain, spinal or neck injuries that may not become apparent for many days after the accident.

Huynh’s family would be well-advised to retain the services of an experienced bicycle accident attorney. At this point we do not know how Hyunh got from the accident scene back to his dorm why his bicycle was left at the scene or if there was anyone else involved. There could be a hit-and-run driver at large. Unless the police come up with more evidence we aren’t going to get any closer to figuring out what happened until Hyunh can speak for himself.

If you witnessed this accident or have any information about how it happened, please call my office or call Investigator Kim Glory who is leading the investigation at 727-826-5555.

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