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Huntington Beach Busy Intersections Pose Threat to Residents & Tourist


Huntington Beach intersections have been known to pile up with excited residents and tourist coming to see the cities many attractions. Huntington Beach or Surf City is a busy place filled with live music, surfing, and an exciting nightlife. Although the city appears to be filled will fun for everyone there are a number of dangers to tourist and residents alike. Huntington Beach is home to 25 of the busiest intersections in Orange County. It doesn’t matter if you’re walking, riding a bike, or traveling by car, these intersections could increase your likelihood of a personal injury accident in Huntington Beach.

A constant theme we see throughout these busy intersections is their association with Beach Boulevard. All 25 these busy intersections intersect with Beach Boulevard, one of the city’s main streets during the inception of the city. Beach Boulevard has always been a highly traveled road. It was originally a cattle route and as the city developed so did the street. The traffic on Beach Boulevard continued to grow with the city’s increasing population. From stop light to stop light there is no end to the continuous stream of red break lights.

Elderly Woman Sustains Critical Injuries At Beach Boulevard Intersection

Recently, an elderly woman sustained serious personal injuries at the second busiest intersection in Huntington Beach. The accident occurred at the intersection of Beach Boulevard and Warner Avenue when a 1990 Acura struck the 78-year-old woman. This horrifying pedestrian accident demonstrates how dangerous busy intersections can become. The woman was transported to a local hospital where she was in critical condition. An investigation is ongoing.

Finding a Skilled Hunting Beach Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a Huntington Beach accident, it is well advised that you consult with a skilled Huntington Beach personal injury lawyer. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Huntington Beach will ensure you receive a just compensation for your injuries. The best injury law firms will offer free consultations and a no win no fee guarantee.

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