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Huntington Beach Car Accident Injures Five Children


A Huntington Beach car accident involved five young children yesterday morning. The five children were injured after a mother dropping off her child crashed her car into the Childtime Learning Center preschool in Huntington Beach the morning of May 28, 2009. According to a news report in The Orange County Register, the woman’s red BMW sedan plowed through a classroom wall, pinning one child under the car and against the wall. Five children were taken to the hospital, two with serious personal injuries. The Register reports that the BMW is registered to Andreea Moyes of Huntington Beach. The preschool is located at 9861 Yorktown Avenue, near the intersection of Brookhurst Street.

My heart goes out to the five children who were personally injured in this horrible car accident. Here were a group of innocent preschool children getting ready for their day and they get traumatized by something like this! I hope and pray that the little ones who were injured make a quick and complete recovery from their personal injuries. Please keep them in your prayers. I’m very glad and extremely relieved that the other children were not injured.

Huntington Beach police say they are looking at all aspects of this car crash. They say there is no indication that the woman was speeding or that she was operating her car driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Instead, officials say she was pulling into the parking lot and “the car wouldn’t stop.” So they are having the car examined for mechanical defects before making a determination as to whether the cause was driver error or mechanical error.

Apparently, the classroom wall is made of stucco, drywall and 2-by-4s and fire officials say it wouldn’t take much in terms of speed or force for a car to get through that wall. This might be a good time for that preschool and others to start thinking about safety features they can add or put in place to keep the children safer? Can they fence off the building? Can they install bollards around the building so there is some kind of barrier between the parking lot and the classrooms or play areas? This car collision should serve as a wake-up call. If I were the parent of one of the injured children, I would also look into whether the preschool building was constructed in keeping with state requirements.

The parents of these injured children would be well advised to contact experienced Orange County car accident attorneys who can analyze the facts and circumstances of this case and advise them about a course of action or their legal rights and options.

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