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Huntington Beach Hit-and-Run Car Accident Puts Pedestrian in Critical Condition


Beach Boulevard gets some of the worst traffic in Huntington Beach. Throw in the high number of pedestrians, several bars, and frequent eye candy and you get a recipe for disaster. The driver of a pickup truck learned this lesson the hard way late Wednesday evening when he struck a pedestrian and tried to make a run for it.

According to the ocregister, the driver of a pickup truck that police believe struck and critically injured a pedestrian late Wednesday was arrested minutes later on suspicion of hit-and-run. The collision happened around 10 p.m. at the intersection of Beach Boulevard and Chrysler Drive, according to Sgt. Nikitin. The pedestrian was hospitalized and is now in critical but stable condition.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the pedestrian who was injured in this horrible car accident. Hopefully no permanent damage was inflicted and that he or she will endure a speedy recovery.

Huntington Beach Car Accidents

Being involved in a car accident is a sobering event, stretching a moment’s time into what seems like hours. One moment you are driving merrily on your way to your destination, and the next you are experiencing pure fear, trying desperately to figure out a way to avoid the unavoidable. Many drivers have already experienced the terror of experiencing an auto wreck first hand, but if you haven’t, you probably will.

In 2006, the California Highway Patrol’s Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) reprted that 10 people were killed and 938 were injured in Huntington Beach car collisions. Two pedestrians lost their lives and 53 were injured. Many of whom were injured due to the fault of another were able to receive compensation for their injuries as well as damages to their car and their items inside it.

Huntington Beach Car Accident Attorneys

As an injured motorist, having full knowledge of your rights will serve you well in the event that you pursue compensation for your injuries. Many personal injury attorneys will try to convince you that they are the best, but after fully researching their credentials, you will find that they are inexperienced or do not have a history of client satisfaction. Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys attorneys have spent over thirty years fighting for clients inside and out of the courtroom with an unparalleled level of success, commitment, and passion for assisting those who need and want the best. Contact a Bisnar and Chase Huntington Beach car accident lawyer for a free professional consultation today.

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