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Illegally Parked Big Rig May Have Caused Concord Fatal Auto Accident


Sergey Ryssev, 22, was killed in a Concord auto accident after his car crashed into the back of a parked big rig, the Contra Costa Times reports in this article. The accident was discovered the night of January 25, 2009. A passing ambulance crew saw Ryssev’s 1994 BMW 325 wedged under the back of a big rig parked on Park Chicago Highway beneath the Highway 4 overpass.

Concord police, who are investigating this accident, are trying to pinpoint when and how this tragic auto accident may have occurred. Investigators say there were no tire marks near the big rig suggesting that Ryssev did not try to slow down his car before crashing into the big rig. The autopsy concluded that Ryssev died from massive trauma.

I offer my deepest condolences to everyone who knew and loved Sergey Ryssev. He was apparently a talented mechanic and a promising race car driver. His untimely death is no doubt a heartbreaking loss for Ryssev’s family and friends. Please keep them in your prayers.

Going by the newspaper article, residents and motorists in that area have apparently long complained about trailer big rigs parked beneath the overpass, which they say, poses a significant hazard to drivers coming from nearby off-ramps and streets. It seems that these big rigs are also illegally parked under the overpass and have no business being there. Signs in the area prohibit vehicles taller than 6 feet from parking there. In addition, Ryssev’s friends and acquaintances told the newspaper that he never raced on the street.

If investigators determine that the truck was illegally parked, the driver and the trucking company could be held liable. Our firm has represented clients who have been victims of illegally parked commercial trucks. A year ago, we successfully settled for a client, whose wife died in an accident where the driver lost control of the car and hit a big rig that was illegally parked on the side of the freeway.

Sergey Ryssev’s family should consider retaining the services of a reputed Southern California personal injury lawyer with an excellent track record in challenging big rig accident cases and one who is familiar with illegally parked big rig cases. Trucking companies are extremely quick to get their lawyers and insurance companies on these cases to protect their interests. The victim’s family definitely needs someone on their side, who will fight for their rights and protect their interests.

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