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Incident on Highway 154


According to a news report online in the Santa Maria Times, there has been a collision on Highway 154 in the Painted Cave Road area, the main highway between Santa Barbara and the San Marcos Pass Road, which connects with the 101 has been cleared.

The collision involved three vehicles and occurred at around 07:30 in the morning. According to the Santa Barbara County Fire Department, one of the vehicles travelled at least 150 feet along the side of the road, adjacent to the carriageway.

Not the first incident on the 154

Thankfully, most of those involved suffered only minor injuries which the emergency services were able to treat at the scene. One person sustained more severe injuries and was taken to hospital but is hopefully on the way to a strong recovery.

The crash is under investigation by the CHP but this is not the first incident that has occurred on the 154 this month. On April 7th a black bear was killed in a collision with a driver. Again, this incident occurred early in the morning; around 6am. The driver was unhurt but the car sustained major damages.

According to the Ventura Country Star, the man tried to swerve around the bear but was unable to miss it. The advice from the CHP spokesman was that if faced with a potential collision with wildlife is to drive straight on; often swerving can cause more damage to driver and vehicle.

Insurance matters

Both of the incidents above are a sharp reminder as to the importance of motor insurance. Incidents can come in the most unlikely circumstances and even in relatively remote areas, such as those around the Painted Cave Road.

With the first incident above, all those involved were lucky to come away relatively unharmed and that must always be the first priority. However, damage to a vehicle can still be detrimental to the drivers well being and it can be expensive to replace.

The incident with the bear proves that collisions wildlife can occur at any time and can be enormously damaging to vehicles. At that time in the morning, few drivers would have foreseen or responded to such an event and it’s very important when assessing your motor insurance quote to identify what you are covered for. Incidents with wildlife can do just as much damage as collisions with other drivers.

Liability Issues

Though you’re unlikely to have a case with incidents involving wildlife, you may be due compensation for incidents with other drivers, as in the first case above. Injured victims in such cases may seek compensation for medical expenses, loss of wages, cost of hospitalization, rehabilitation and other related damages. An experienced Orange County personal injury lawyer should better advise injured victims and their families about their legal rights and options.

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