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Inspectors Order Bus Company Shut Down


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has ordered that a bus company operating between Los Angeles and Tijuana, Mexico, be shut down after a crash that killed eight people, according to a report by ABC News.

The crash occurred in the San Bernardino Mountains when one of the company’s buses was on a run to Tijuana and collided with a sedan, flipping over and slamming into a pickup truck. An investigation revealed that the other two buses operated by the company had mechanical defects that posed imminent safety hazards to passengers and others on the road. The company was also found to have failed at having regular inspections of its buses.

Bus Companies Required To Meet Safety Standards

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, buses are required to be inspected periodically. While the FMCSA allows each state to implement its own schedules and standards, those standards must meet federal guidelines. In addition, buses that are taken across state lines must meet the safety requirements for each state in which they travel.

Drivers are not allowed to drive more than 10 hours consecutively. On long trips, this means that more than one driver must be available or there must be a rest stop after ten hours of driving. Drivers who fail to meet this standard may lose their licenses and the company may be fined or other punitive action taken.
Businesses in California are not required to carry liability insurance but many do in order to defray the cost if a crash occurs with one of their vehicles. Failure to carry liability insurance can bankrupt a company if the business is found liable for damages caused in an injury crash.

What Should I Do If I Am Involved in a Bus Crash or Injury?

Bus injuries can come in several forms. In the present case, victims were killed and injured due to a crash, possibly caused by failure to observe safety regulations. In other cases, victims are injured in slip-and-fall accidents when a bus suddenly starts or stops or when entering or leaving a bus. Some pedestrians and bicyclists are also injured when hit by a bus. Bus companies can even be held liable if a passenger on the bus harms or injures another person.

If you have been injured in a bus collision or some other type of incident, it is important to seek legal advice. A personal injury lawyer can explain to you the various laws governing bus transport and determine who is responsible for your injuries. The bus company may have been negligent in observing required safety standards. The bus driver may have been negligent in committing driver error or some other type of action that put you at risk. Whatever the case, a personal injury attorney can assess the cause of your accident and the damages you have sustained and can help you recover damages for your pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages and other costs.

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