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Lancaster Motorcycle Accident Kills One


Robert Soliz, 51, of Rosamond, died in a Lancaster motorcycle accident after his 1998 Harley-Davidson collided with a pickup truck, which turned in front of him, the Los Angeles Daily News reports. The motorcycle crash occurred the evening of Sept. 14 at the street intersection of Avenue J and 62nd Street West, Lancaster Police officials said.

Soliz was reportedly riding his Harley eastbound on Avenue J when his motorcycle crashed into a 2005 Dodge Ram pickup truck, which was making a left turn from westbound Avenue J to go south on 62nd Street. Soliz’s motorcycle hit the right side of the pickup truck.

Traffic investigators are still interviewing Yonathan Tafesework, 22, the driver of the pickup truck to determine if speed or alcohol were factors in this fatal accident.

I offer my deepest condolences to the family of Robert Soliz for their irreparable loss.

It is not known at this point what caused this accident. However, based on this newspaper’s account of the crash, I’d bet that Tafesework, the driver of the Dodge pickup truck, was at fault for failing to yield right of way to through traffic. Based on the description of how and where Soliz struck the pickup, Soliz had the right of way. The driver of the pickup probably did not see the approaching Harley, which is common in these types of collisions. Of course, we are yet to find out whether Tafesework was speeding or under the influence of alcohol ordrugs at the time of the accident.

Soliz’s family has substantial rights to compensation if in fact the police investigation reveals that the driver of the pickup was at fault. The family of Robert Soliz would be well advised to consult with a truly experienced Southern California motorcycle accident attorney, who will investigate this incident independently and thoroughly to determine what caused this fatal crash and who should be held accountable.

A skilled personal injury lawyer will also be able to explore a dangerous condition on the roadway or the intersection, which could have contributed to the accident. If such a condition exists, that might point to some liability on the part of the City of Lancaster. That’s why the Soliz family needs to consult a California personal injury attorney who has a track record of dealing with government agencies. Remember that any claim against a city or governmental entity must be properly filed within six months of the accident. Robert Soliz’s family should also preserve the motorcycle and have it closely examined by an expert for mechanical problems, product defects and other evidence.

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  1. tracee says:

    robert was a beautiful person…great dad, brother, friend and new grand dad…which was the joy in his life. robert loved life…we will all miss his contagious laugh and smile and smooth voice…our big teddy bear…we will keep you in our hearts..

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