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Livermore Auto Accident Kills Boy, Injures Four


Jonathan Manzo, only 10 years old, was killed in an auto accident in Livermore on November 15, 2008. Manzo, his 55-year-old mother and two siblings ages 12 and 15 were traveling in the family’s 1997 Mercury minivan on Vallecitos Road when the accident happened. The accident occurred when a 17-year-old male driver attempting to overtake another vehicle, lost control of his 2006 Toyota Corolla and collided with the oncoming minivan. Our source for this blog is this news report.

My heart goes out to the family of Jonathan Manzo, who are not only grieving with the untimely loss of this child, but also caring for the mother and two other children who have been hospitalized with injuries. Please keep this family in your prayers.

California has the highest number of fatality auto accidents involving teenagers between ages 16 and 19. According to the Department of Transportation’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), in 2003 alone, there were 277 fatal traffic accidents in California involving teens in that age group. The California Department of Motor Vehicles’ Web site about teen driving states that the most common reasons for accidents involving teenagers include poor hazard detection, low risk perception, high risk taking, not buckling up, lack of skill, alcohol and/or drug use, and night driving.

In this 11/15/08 Livermore fatal auto accident, the teen driver appears to be at fault. So he, along with the owner of the car, will be financially responsible for the injuries to the Manzo family. The family of Jonathan Manzo would be well-advised to consult with an accomplished California auto accident attorney who will look into this case and advise them of their legal rights and options. A skilled personal injury attorney will look at all aspects of an auto accident including other vehicles that may have been involved, mechanical malfunctions or product defects in the vehicle and dangerous conditions of the roadway that may have been contributing factors.

The best California personal injury lawyers will provide accident victims with a free and comprehensive consultation. If you are searching for an auto accident attorney, please keep in mind the very best attorneys will advance costs so there is no out-of-pocket expenses for victims who wish to pursue their rights.

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