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Lompoc Chevy Suburban Rollover Accident Injures Five


A family of five including two adults, two children and one infant, were injured in a Chevy Suburban rollover accident on the northbound Highway 135 near Orcutt, California on November 22, 2008. According to an article in the Lompoc Record, the injured victims, whose names were not released, were taken to an area hospital and treated for non life threatening injuries.

California Highway Patrol officials said the driver of the vehicle swerved to avoid an object in one of the lanes, lost control then overcorrected, causing the SUV to rollover.

It is indeed a great relief that none of the occupants of the Suburban were killed in this SUV rollover accident. A majority of General Motors Company SUV rollover accidents involve roof collapse or crushing and this causes severe head or spinal cord injuries to its occupants. Other injuries that occur in auto defect cases such as this can also be the result of seat belt failures. The family in this 11/22/08 rollover incident would be well-advised to consult with a nationally renowned product defect law firm that is truly experienced in handling GMC SUV litigation.

Injured victims who are looking for SUV rollover accident attorneys to handle these types of cases would be well-served to ask the lawyer how many similar cases they have completed, how many they have in progress and what their success rate is as far as trials and settlements. Specifically, victims might want to ask how many product defect cases the firm has successfully completed, especially against General Motors.

More than 10,000 people die in rollover accidents in the United States each year and a majority of these rollover crashes involve SUVs. There is a high incidence of fatalities, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries in these accidents because of the lack of roof strength in these vehicles. This is really a shame because a company like General Motors can make a much stronger roof for less than $300 per vehicle but they choose not to do so.

Our firm has done extensive drop testing on GMC SUVs to prove their design defects.
We’ve learned that these are extremely dangerous vehicles that have paralyzed and killed vehicle occupants. GMC has settled numerous SUV auto defect cases with my firm alone. This Lompoc family will also be well-advised to preserve the SUV in its crashed condition because the vehicle is a vital piece of evidence necessary to prove any product defect.

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