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Los Angeles Truck Accident Seriously Injures Man


A man was hospitalized with serious personal injuries after a Los Angeles truck accident the night of May 26, 2009, the Los Angeles Daily News reports. The panorama city truck accident occurred on Osbourne Avenue just east of Woodman Avenue when a man driving a Ford Contour west on Osbourne failed to see the 60- to 80-foot big rig parked diagonally north to south on Osbourne and slammed into the left rear of the trailer. The victim, who has not been identified, was seriously injured, but is expected to survive, Los Angeles Police Department officials said. The driver of the Napa Auto Parts semi was not hurt.

I’m relieved that this car crash victim was not catastrophically injured or killed by the car-truck collision. In such types of incidents there is a good chance things might have turned out a lot worse. I wish him the very best for a quick and complete recovery.

According to California Highway Patrol’s 2007 Statewide Integrated Traffic Reporting System, there were 260 fatalities and 27,110 injuries involving car accidents in the city of Los Angeles. In Los Angeles County as a whole, in 2007, 712 deaths and 56,475 injuries were reported as a result of car accidents.

There are many unanswered questions in this case. Why was the driver of the Ford not able to see a large big rig parked diagonally on a city street? Yes, it is possible the driver may have been inattentive or distracted. But, there are also a number of other possible explanations for this truck-car accident. Was the street poorly lit? Was the big rig parked on the street legally? Was the driver of the Ford unable to stop because of a mechanical malfunction or product defect such as brake failure? The answers to these questions will help determine who or what caused this serious personal injury accident.

If the investigation determines that this was the truck driver’s fault and he had no business parking on the street the way he did, then both the truck driver and his employer could be held liable for the victim’s personal injuries. The injured victim would be well advised to contact experienced Los Angeles truck attorneys who will investigate the details of this car accident, identify the negligent parties and hold them accountable. Where negligence is involved car accident victims may be able to receive compensation to cover medical expenses, loss of wages and other related damages.

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