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Man Dies In East Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident


Jose J. Gomez, 34, of Compton, died in an East Los Angeles motorcycle accident after he crashed into a catering truck on the freeway and was run over by a second truck, the Los Angeles Daily News reports . The fatal Los Angeles motorcycle accident reportedly occurred on the 5 Freeway near Olympic Boulevard.

According to California Highway Patrol officials, Gomez was riding a 2004 Yamaha V-Star motorcycle between slow traffic, traveling at about 30 mph when he struck the catering truck, fell off his vehicle and was run over by another truck.

My deepest sympathies to Gomez’s family and Jose’s friends.

This fatal Los Angeles motorcycle vs. auto accident investigation is still at an early stage and it would take more details to determine how this accident occurred and who was at fault. CHP officers will be interviewing eyewitnesses to find out whether Gomez was traveling at a safe speed or whether the catering truck got in Gomez’s way.

There are many questions that arise out of this report. Gomez’s family would be well-advised to consult a personal injury attorney who specializes in motorcycle accidents. A skilled Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer would look at all the circumstances of the accident and look into what additional factors could have caused the crash. Were there other vehicles involved? Did the catering truck make an unsafe lane change that caused Gomez to strike the truck? Did the other truck driver who fatally ran over Gomez have enough time to take evasive action after Gomez fell to the ground?

If it turns out that the catering truck driver is at fault, then he and his employer would be held responsible for the accident. If dangerous road conditions caused the accident, then Caltrans or the agency responsible for maintaining the roadway could be held responsible. If the other truck driver had enough time to avoid running over Gomez, then he could also be held partially responsible for Gomez’s death.

Remember, any claim against a governmental agency must be properly made within six months of the accident.

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