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Man Injured In Costa Mesa DUI Hit-and-Run


A man was hospitalized with serious injuries after a Costa Mesa car accident, which officials say, involved a suspected drunk driver.

According to a news report in The Orange County Register, the incident occurred early morning on July 13, 2014 outside the Commissary Lounge at 2968 Randolph Avenue.

Officials say the driver was asked to leave by staff at the bar after showing signs of intoxication.

After leaving the bar, the man got into his car, drove away and
hit another man on the street. He left the scene of the crash. The injured victim was transported to a local trauma center with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police arrested the suspected driver later the same morning, but his identity has not yet been revealed. The investigation is ongoing.

It is indeed fortunate that the victim in this case was not fatally or critically injured. I wish the injured victim the very best for a speedy and complete recovery.

DUI Crash Statistics

According to California Highway Patrol’s 2011 Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS), there were no fatalities, but 73 injuries reported as a result of DUI collisions in Costa Mesa.

In Orange County as a whole, 51 people died and 1,265 were injured due to alcohol-related collisions during the same year.

Violation of Laws

Based on this news report, it appears that the driver in this case was not only under the influence of alcohol, but also drove away from the scene of an injury crash.

According to California Vehicle Code Section 23152 (a): “It is unlawful for any person who is under the influence of any alcoholic beverage or drug, or under the combined influence of any alcoholic beverage and drug, to drive a vehicle.”

Under California Vehicle Code Section 20001 (a), it is also illegal to leave the scene of an injury or fatal collision. All motorists also have the responsibility to stop, remain at the scene of the crash and exchange pertinent information including driver’s license, insurance and contact information.

We are relieved to note that the driver in this case has been apprehended.

Compensation for Victims

Hit-and-run victims and their families are often left holding the bills and facing significant financial burdens.

In such cases, injured victims would be well advised to contact an experienced Orange County personal injury lawyer, who will stay abreast of the official investigation and ensure that their legal rights and best interests are protected.

A knowledgeable car accident lawyer will also be able to advise victims about how the uninsured motorist clause of their own auto insurance policy might apply to an incident where the at-fault driver is uninsured or underinsured.

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