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Man Killed in San Diego County Motorcycle Accident


Lou E. Ferrar, 23, of Oceanside was killed in a Vista motorcycle accident on January 19, 2009, according to this North County Times article. California Highway Patrol officials said Ferrar crashed in the center lane of the westbound Highway 78 near Sycamore Avenue.

Officials however are still not clear how exactly this San Diego County motorcycle crash occurred. According to this earlier news report, CHP officials were not sure whether another vehicle was involved. Officials later said that Ferrar was “speeding when he hit another vehicle.” Ferrar died soon after the incident occurred. The other motorist has not been identified.

My heart goes out to the family of Lou E. Ferrar for their tragic loss. I offer my deepest sympathies to them. Please keep this young man’s family in your prayers.

According to California Highway Patrol’s Statewide Integrated Traffic Reporting System, in 2006, there were no motorcycle accident deaths in Vista but 15 injuries occurred that involved motorcycle crashes. In San Diego County as a whole, 39 fatalities and 1,038 injuries were attributed to motorcycle accidents during 2006.

I’m concerned that more information has not been released about how this accident occurred and what the other motorist’s role was in this crash. It also concerns me that officials at first were not even sure whether there was another vehicle involved, but later concluded that Lou Ferrar had struck another vehicle. I trust CHP officials are also looking into whether the other motorist was at fault for this crash or was operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Something doesn’t sound right here. If I were a member of Ferrar’s family, I would question the official account of this incident. Ferrar’s family deserves the whole story and the whole truth.

They would be well-advised to consult with an experienced Southern California motorcycle accident attorney, who will help determine the facts of this case, identify the negligent parties and make sure they are held accountable. I have seen in several instances that initial accounts of accidents turn out to be false or erroneous. Witnesses must be interviewed to get a full picture and sometimes, accident reconstruction experts are required to figure out what happened.

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3 responses to “Man Killed in San Diego County Motorcycle Accident”

  1. Witness to crash says:

    The crash was not the fault of the other motorist. The two motorcyclists were driving very quickly through traffic driving on the stripe. They hung out behind me for a sec and then blasted around me (I was going 70 and they made me look like I was parked). There was a ranger or cop two cars in front of me and they blasted past her too. She hit the flashers and began to chase them down and they gunned it harder to try to avoid a ticket. The unfortunate fatality unfortunately lost control while trying to switch lanes at what had to be over 100 mph and side swiped a pick up truck. The motorcycle actually shattered the truck’s front rim. The cyclist then went headfirst into another vehicle. The only fault here lies in the unfortunate decision of the young cyclist.

  2. Qusten says:

    CHP is a joke these days. The other vehicle they are talking about was his friend that was riding next to him on another motorcycle and had nothing to do with the crash. His family knows this. When the cops got there (that were called by the friend) they blamed his own friend telling him they were gonna throw him in jail for life and all that bullshit. Right after his good friend dies right in front of him they all start up with that crap. Sounds like another incident where they were trying to anger him into doing something irrational so they could take further unnessicary action against him. What a bunch of slimebags.

  3. Nowadays people are driving like hell.They should get punishment.

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