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Man Killed In Inglewood Motorcycle Accident


Motorcycle AccidentTerrance Schmichael Williamson, 36, a decorated U.S. Navy sailor from Los Angeles, was killed in a motorcycle accident in Inglewood.

According to a CBS Los Angeles news report, the fatal collision occurred the morning of December 15, 2015 at the intersection of Century Boulevard and Second Avenue.

Williamson was riding his motorcycle west on Century when he collided with a car that was going south on Second Avenue.

Williamson was thrown off his bike and

taken to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead. The car’s driver remained at the scene. No arrests or citations were reported.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the family members and friends of Terrance Schmichael Williamson for their tragic loss. He was reportedly a decorated officer.

Let us keep his family in our thoughts and prayers.

Motorcycle Accidents and Service Members

According to a study that looked at a 15-year period, each service of the U.S. military posted the lowest number of deaths from motor vehicle accidents in 2012. However, motorcycle-related fatalities continue to be a leading cause of death among service members unrelated to war. In 2012, there were 184 traffic accident deaths among service members and 25 percent of those involved motorcycle accidents.

Potential Stop Sign Violation?

A number of serious injury or fatal motorcycle accidents occur at street intersections and this collision is no exception. Based on this news report, it appears that the motorcyclist was riding west and the car was traveling south.

The intersection where this crash occurred is monitored by two-way stop signs. Traffic on Second Avenue is required to stop for through traffic on Century Boulevard. So, the motorcyclist in this case was not required to stop and yield while the car’s driver was required to do so.

It is not clear what caused the motorist to continue on Second Avenue. We also don’t know how fast the motorcyclist was traveling at that time.

Fault and Liability

If the driver of the vehicle is determined to have been at fault, he or she could be held liable for the victim’s wrongful death. Families of deceased victims in such cases can file a wrongful death claim seeking compensation for damages such as medical expenses, funeral costs, lost future income, pain and suffering and loss of love and companionship.

Victims’ families would also be well advised to contact an experienced Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney who will stay abreast of the official investigation and ensure that their legal rights and best interests are protected.

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