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Man and Woman Narrowly Escape Injury when Car Plows Into Home


March 2, 2012-Antioch, CA-A husband and wife were lucky enough to escape injury when a stolen SUV rammed into their home and came to rest in their master bedroom, only inches from the bed. Antioch police reported that the car had been stolen from the driver at gunpoint before heading down Spanos Street at a high rate of speed.

The driver plowed through three parked cars and a fence before striking the home of Manny DeMesa and his wife, who had just arisen from bed. The SUV, a Dodge Durango, came to rest in the DeMesa’s bedroom after traveling completely through the outside wall. Fortunately, neither DeMesa nor his wife were injured in the accident, although they suffered over $10,000 in property damage.

One of the parked cars hit by the speeding vehicle had a passenger inside who suffered minor injuries. The neighbor who lost a fence claimed that cars speeding through this neighborhood are nothing uncommon. The driver of the speeding vehicle escaped on foot and disappeared after the accident.

I want to extend my congratulations to the DeMesas on their fortunate escape, and my prayers for a quick recovery to the victim sitting in the parked car.

Accident Statistics

It is difficult to find statistics on this sort of accident, as it can be noted by patrol officers as anything from a “one-vehicle” accident to striking an “obstruction.” Relatively few police reports have specific categories for a vehicle running into a building. The California car accident lawyers at Bisnar and Chase report that at least 53 fatalities occurred in 2009 in accidents of this type, although the numbers are probably significantly higher. Some statistics also leave out deaths and injuries for those inside the building, which can be significant, when compiling this type of data.
What Happened In This Accident
While it is clear that the SUV crashed into the cars, the fence, and the house, it is less clear what precipitated the accident. With the driver not in custody, it will be difficult to determine if alcohol was a factor in the accident.

Liability Issues

There are several issues facing the owner of this vehicle as he or she begins to assess damages and who will be responsible. Assuming the owner has insurance, the insurance company will most likely pay for the damages and then subrogate the claim. This means that the insurance company will attempt to collect from the driver if and when he or she is found.
A professional California personal injury attorney could help the victims recover damages from injuries and property destruction. The attorneys at Bisnar and Chase offer free case evaluations with no obligation. If you have been injured in an accident, call 800-481-8656 to reach legal professionals free of cost.

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