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Modesto Ambulance Rollover Accident on Highway 99


The driver of a car suffered injuries in a California rollover accident after a Riggs ambulance, that was trying to merge on to the fast lane on Highway 99, collided with a Nissan Altima. Shadi Ahmad, 29, of Modesto was transported to an area hospital, according an article in the Merced Sun-Star. The accident reportedly occurred near the R Street exit near Martin Luther King Jr. Way.
Both Riggs employees, 32-year-old Gilliam Maduena who was driving and another passenger, were not injured.

California Highway Patrol officials said both vehicles were traveling at 65 mph and rolled over after the collision. Fortunately, the ambulance was not carrying patients and was not on its way to a call. It is also fortunate that this California auto accident did not result in major injuries or fatalities. Considering the speed at which the vehicles were traveling and the impact of the collision, this accident could’ve been a lot worse.

This article reports that the ambulance wasn’t carrying patients or wasn’t on its way to a call. But if the employees were returning from a call back to their workplace or if they were getting back after dropping off a patient, they would still be considered “on the job.” The report also says the victim, Ahmad, suffered “minor injuries.” I’d urge Ahmad to get a thorough medical checkup to make sure he has not suffered any internal injuries or other types of spinal, back or neck injuries, which may not be immediately apparent after an auto accident.

I’ve seen that many auto accident victims, at first, don’t feel like they’ve been injured.
But days or even a couple of weeks after the incident, they start experiencing severe pain that sometimes even requires long-term treatment or continued physical therapy. And of course, any medical treatment or therapy costs money.

Ahmad and his family would be well-advised to seek a consultation with a California auto accident attorney, who will help protect his rights and get him the compensation he rightfully deserves. Based on this report, it appears that the accident was the ambulance driver’s fault. It seems the driver may have been hasty in merging on to the fast lane. If it is determined that Maduena was at fault, then both she and her employer would be held responsible for the accident and Ahmad’s injuries.

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