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Motorcyclist Dies in A Collision With Vehicle


August 16, 2012-Lake Forest, CA-According to the Orange County Register, a 29-year-old man was killed when his motorcycle collided with an Acura making a left turn in front of him.

The accident occurred on Peachwood Street at Palmwood Drivejust after 12:00 noon. The motorcycle rider was traveling east on Peachwood when the driver of an Acura sedan turned left in front of him. The rider struck the door and was ejected from the bike. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Authorities have not released his name pending notification of his relatives.

No arrests have been made, but the major accident reconstruction team is currently investigating the collision.

My sincere condolences go out to the family of this unfortunate victim.

Accident Statistics

About two-thirds of all motorcycle accidents are the fault of a passenger car driver, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Of those accidents, fully half involve a driver making a left-hand turn in front of an oncoming motorcycle rider.

It is unclear why this phenomenon occurs so often. Some experts have speculated that the smaller size of a motorcycle when compared to a passenger car creates an illusion that causes drivers to believe they have more turning space than they actually do.

What Happened In This Accident

While it is clear that the driver turned left in front of the motorcycle rider, the question of fault still must be answered. It is possible that the motorcycle rider was running a red light, although that does not seem to be indicated from the initial accident reports. It is possible that there may be some other explanation for the accident. If so, the accident reconstruction team should be able to offer other possible scenarios that may have led up to this crash and might help determine where true liability lies in this accident.

Liability Issues

The driver of the Acura sedan, if charged with the accident, could face a wrongful death suit brought about by the victim’s family for their loss. Wrongful death suits imply that there was a gross amount of negligence on the part of the defendant; in this case, that assumption would rest on the fact that the driver pulled out in front of the oncoming motorcycle and caused him to crash, ultimately leading to his death.

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