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Motorcyclist Killed in Los Angeles Hit-and-Run Car Accident


A 25-year-old Porter Ranch man was fatally injured in a Los Angeles car accident after his Harley Davidson was struck by a Ford pickup truck that left the scene, the afternoon of March 10, 2012. According to a KTLA news report, the hit-and-run car accident occurred in the 20900 block of Nordhoff Street near DeSoto Avenue in Chatsworth. Despite wearing a helmet, the victim of this motorcycle collision suffered fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the site of the crash.

Officials say that the driver of the pickup may have sped through a red turn signal on DeSoto when he made a left onto Nordhoff and hit and motorcyclist. The suspect has been described as a Latino man in his 30s with light complexion and a mustache. The vehicle has been described as a Ford F-250 or F-350 pickup truck made in 1999 or 2000. Anyone with information about this hit-and-run accident is asked to contact LAPD officials at 818-644-8032.

My heartfelt condolences go out to the family and friends of the man killed in this tragic hit-and-run car accident. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Statistics

According to California Highway Patrol’s 2009 Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS), 35 fatalities and 1,248 injuries occurred involving motorcycle accidents in the city of Los Angeles. Countywide, 83 people were killed and 2,719 were injured in motorcycle accidents, during that same year.

Hit-and-Run Accidents

Based on this news report, the driver of the Ford pickup not only turned on a red arrow before striking the motorcycle, but also fled and evaded witnesses who were attempting to stop him. More than anything, the driver here left the critically injured victim on the roadway without care or medical attention. Appalling!

Leaving the scene of an injury car accident is inhumane and irresponsible, as well as illegal. California Vehicle Code Section 20001 (a) states: “The driver of a vehicle involved in an accident resulting in injury to a person, other than himself or herself, or in the death of a person shall immediately stop the vehicle at the scene of the accident.”

Holding At-Fault Drivers Accountable

Officials are searching for the driver and pickup involved in this crash. If you have any information about this accident, please visit our web site at Our site allows witnesses to provide an anonymous tip and become eligible to receive a $1,000 reward.

The family of a deceased hit-and-run victim would be well advised to speak with an experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, who will stay abreast of the official investigation and ensure that their legal rights and best interests are protected. A skilled car accident attorney will better inform families in such cases about how their own auto insurance policy applies to an incident where the suspect is not found, or, in a crash where the at-fault motorist is uninsured or underinsured.

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  1. Rick Perez says:

    Unfortunately, I know this scum of a U.S. citizen. I was at his arraignment on May 2, 2012. There should be another arraignment today May 3 for his DUI & Endangering a 3 year old child, our granddaughter. He is a career criminal that is never been held responsible for his actions. He and his family have connections with the LAPD Devonshire Div.,DCFS, LA District/City Attorney’s and a couple of LA Superior Court Judges. He nearly killed my daughter & granddaughter and he got out of that crime in 2009. In june 2010 he was arrest for a DUI and it was reduced to Wet Wrecklee. Sept. 2011 four substained reports of Sexual Abuse by oral copulation on our granddaughter and it was dropped by the Judge. Feb 4, 2012 he was arrested for a DUI & Endangering a Child and the results is still pending. More priors before 2009. One of my complaint letters to DCFS was published without my consent or knowledge. Then I started receiving phone calls from mothers & fathers who lost custody of their children. Google search “Los Angeles County DCFS Child Social Workers violating laws – Philip L. Browning” I blame law enforcement, District/City Attorney’s & private Attorneys, Judicial system & DCFS. If they did their job & applied the laws & stop giving favors to their friends, he would be in jail and this young man who was killed would be alive today enjoying life with his child and family.

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